Benefits of Dredging Using ENVIROdredge

If you ever take a boat out on the lake, you have to be careful of the amount of muck in the lake. Muck is sediments at the bottom of a lake or pond. The more muck a lake has the greater the impact it will have on the quality of the lake and recreational activities involved with the lake. Dredging should be done to a lake when the sediments are affecting the water quality and inconveniencing recreational activities. ENVIROdredge is a cost effective way to dredge sediments and not harm the environment in the process.


The dredging process is done by pumping the material into sealed containers. ENVIROdredge uses ENVIROtubes that are made out of an eco-friendly safe material that will not harm the environment. The removal of debris and sediments is under control of federal and state regulations as well as the US Environmental Protection Agency.


Lake & Wetland uses ENVIROdrege for sediment removal because of its many benefits. ENVIROdredge can be used in almost any body of water such as lakes, lagoons, storm water basins, ponds, canals, and marinas. It can also be used in these locations

  • Municipals
  • Private ponds and lake owners
  • Corporations
  • Golf courses
  • Property owner associations

Benefits of Dredging

There are many benefits to dredging a body of water. For recreational uses, boats will have more water under the boat and less sediment will get caught in the propeller. The water quality greatly improves which improves the lives of fish and fishing opportunities.


Along with recreational benefits, the habitat is also restored when dredging happens.

When a body of water is dredged, there is a less likely change for shoreline erosion.

Many types of sediment can contain pollutants from industrial runoff; this greatly affects the water quality. When the pollutants and sediments are removed, the overall health of the lake improves. Lake & Wetland specialize in dredging using ENVIROdredge because of its many benefits.