Benefits of Aeration in Lakes and Ponds

An Aeration system is used in ponds and lakes and what is essential increase the dissolved oxygen content of the water throughout the lake and pond. This aeration can be done several ways: by injecting pure oxygen, mechanically agitating or mixing the water, or injecting air. An aeration system is usually in the form of a fountain that is in the middle of the lake or pond. If there is a pond or lake that does not have an aeration system, it can greatly benefit from having one. Here are some of the benefits to having an aeration system a lake or pond.

Benefits of Aeration

Aeration is not the cure-all for the problems a lake and pond can face. It can be misused, and when it is, it will not help, but hinder the problems. It is important to have a professional analyze and help where needed. When aeration is used properly, it can help and improve the water and habitat.

Increase Aquatic Habitat

benefits of aeration in ponds and lakesWhen there is aeration, the plant and animal life will thrive because of the oxygen that will be constantly flowing through the water. This will also help prevent fishkills. When the plants at the bottom of the lake are getting a good amount of oxygen, they will grow healthier and the fish that eat the plants will have a good amount of food that is growing.

This will be even more beneficial for warm water fish. They tend to struggle in an oxygen-deprived habitat because they require an adequate amount of dissolved oxygen levels. An aeration system will help the oxygen levels of the lake to further better the habitat of the warm water fish.


Stratification can be created and be problematic for the natural resources and environmental managers. Stratification is when the lake is separated into layers of different temperatures. Having an aeration system will circulate the water so there are no more separated layers that have different temperatures. Common techniques for destratification are air injection and mechanical mixing.

Water Quality

When there is oxygen deprived water, the plant life at the bottom with release different gases and metals that create water quality problems. When there is an aeration system, the water quality will greatly improve because oxygen will circulate throughout the whole lake, including the bottom sediments. The water quality will be enhanced by stabilizing the pH, removing carbon dioxide, and alkalinity.

The more problems a lake has the more treatment will be needed. An aeration system like a fountain will decrease the amount of treatments that are needed to help the problems in a lake or pond. Lake & Wetland Management has a variety of aeration systems to choose from and will install and manage it. Call for a free estimate 877-693-9714