Importance of Residential Lake Management

A lake that is in a residential community needs management for many different reasons. It is essential to have residential lake management whether the lake is man made or natural. A lake without management will start to look very unappealing and can even damage property that is surrounding the lake. The main reasons to have residential lake management are erosion control, algae and weed control, and water quality. Without these things, the water will get dirty which will cause the fish and aquatic plants to die. Dirty water with dead fish is not an ideal sight for any community.

Erosion Control

Erosion Control is extremely important, especially for lakes that have houses close to the shore. Shorelines in Florida are notorious for eroding without any proper control. The shoreline erodes over time by water replacing the land. This could happen fast by a large storm but it is more common to happen over a long period of time with the water of the lake replacing the land surrounding it.

Algae and Weed Control

Another reason why lakes should be managed is because of the algae and weeds. Without management of weeds and algae, they will be over grown and create algae blooms. The weeds and algae on the surface block the sunlight to the bottom of the lake. The bottom of the lake is where plants grow and the fish eat those plants. Without sunlight to the bottom, there will be no aquatic plants, and with no aquatic plants, the fish will die without a food source.

Weeds and algae are controlled with a licensed herbicide treatment. Another way to manage weeds and algae is through a littoral zone. Littoral zones are the plants near the shoreline. These plants will filter out any runoff that will cause the weeds or algae to over grow.

Water Quality

Water quality is another reason to manage a lake. A lake is a big ecosystem where everything is connected and if one part of the lake is being harmed, then the whole lake is also under the effect. Much like the weed and algae control, water quality is important for the fish and plants life. Water quality is done by performing tests on the water to check for nutrients and other things that should or shouldn’t be in the water.

Lake Management Services

Lake and Wetland Management performs all the residential lake management needs. We make sure everything is up to standards with water quality, non-native plants, shoreline erosion, and much more. Call for a free estimate. 855-888-LAKE