Mosquito Control in Florida’s Lakes

Mosquitoes are often one of the most common complaints Lake and Wetland Management receives as warm temperatures return. Mosquitoes are nuisance insects that can bite, and some carry diseases that may cause harm to people and animals. These nuisance insects are especially abundant around lakes and ponds, where they breed and forage. As such, Lake and Wetland Management provides its customers several options that can be used very effectively as an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) tool.

Mosquito and Midge Larvae Control for Lakes and Ponds

Controlling the mosquitoes’ larvae is one of the most effective methods in managing these insects’ populations. Lake and Wetland Management utilizes various larvaecides that are EPA-approved and safe for use in the water. When performed on a regular basis, this treatment has shown to be very effective in reducing mosquitoes and midges in homeowner areas.

Biological Control

There are many naturally occurring species of birds, fish and even other insects that eat mosquitoes and their larvae. Mosquitofish, also known as Gambusia, are a native and natural predator of mosquitoes and midges. These minnow-sized fish are voracious eaters of mosquito larvae, and when you consider that they give birth to live young and breed throughout the year it makes them an ideal candidate for a natural control. Lake and Wetland Management stocks the native mosquitofish as a biological control for mosquitoes.

Source Reduction

While lakes and ponds are usually the most common areas for mosquito growth, any standing water can serve as habitat. To make the most of an IPM program, property managers and homeowners should be vigilant of areas that contain standing water and eliminate these sources when found. This will go a long way in helping to control mosquitoes throughout the property.

Mosquito populations can be a real nuisance when established, so implementing an IPM program should be considered as we enter the warm Spring and Summer months. But, theses methods also prove effective throughout the year as well. Don’t get swarmed by mosquitoes, contact Lake and Wetland Management today for a FREE survey to see which IPM program is best for you and your community!