Restoring Florida’s Shoreline for this Season

It’s October 2015 and the annual influx of northern “snowbirds” is already underway. It’s that time of year again – tourists and second homeowners alike are coming down to Florida for its warm and endearing sunlight, palm trees, beaches, and golf courses.

Florida’s Vanishing Shoreline

shoreline restoration with shoresoxUnfortunately, new seasons bring much more to Florida than an influx of visitors from out of state. The changing weather can cause an elevation in water levels, which in turn tends to erode the shorelines of Florida’s lakes, ponds and canals.

Many of these bodies of water are actually located in the very places both snowbirds and natives call home: the gated communities, the condominium complexes, and the golf courses and country clubs.

This erosion of Florida’s shoreline is due to a variety of factors. In addition to the rise in water level due to changing weather, shoreline erosion may be caused by:

  • Strong winds that can create waves that pound into water banks
  • Storm water runoff that has been improperly drained (or not drained at all)
  • Certain species of fish that may burrow into the shoreline

Everyone in Florida, from yearlong to winter residents, feels the effect of shoreline erosion. Lakes and ponds are built in communities and country clubs to raise property value, but each inch of shoreline erosion also erodes this value. In addition, eroding shorelines take significant vegetation with them, and the loss of this plant life destabilizes Florida’s ecology.

Shoresox: The Lake and Wetland Management Solution

shoresox logoLake and Wetland Management, Inc. has worked tirelessly to both prevent shoreline erosion and restore the shoreline that has already been lost. We’ve used one of the newest industry-leading erosion control solution, which is the only product we trust to get the job done: Shoresox.

Using Shoresox’s innovative technology, Lake and Wetland Management, Inc. is able to fortify and rebuild Florida’s shorelines in the most cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner. Shoresox is bioengineered to actually become part of the earth, promptly stopping erosion and retaining water for new vegetation to grow.

The Shoresox solution is 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable, and Lake and Wetland Management, Inc. is proud to proclaim that we are the sole distributor of the Shoresox erosion control solution in the state of Florida. Shoresox is the answer to the problem of shoreline erosion, and we are here to make sure it’s applied anywhere these shorelines need it.