Dredgesox™ Erosion Control

As property owners and managers are aware, the erosion of our waterway shorelines is a rampant problem. Shoreline erosion is the result of a combination of natural forces; ranging from storm water runoff, to fluctuations in water levels, to fish spawning underneath sodded embankments, communities across the United States continue to lose the shorelines of their ponds, lakes, canals and rivers.


This poses a serious issue on many levels: the eroded and unstable shorelines present a threat to the structural integrity of nearby homes and pump systems, impede the work of maintenance crews, endanger golfers walking near the lakes, is a major eyesore, and poses legal vulnerability due to hazardous conditions.

Lake & Wetland Management’s Dredgesox™ Erosion Control is a cost efficient and long lasting solution to shoreline erosion. Dredgesox™ was designed using the Best Management Practices (BMP’s) of erosion control solutions.

According to erosion control Best Management Practices, the devices used must provide strength, support new vegetation, retain water nutrients to maintain vegetation, contain safe and biodegradable organic material, and must filter invasive nutrients to protect water quality. Dredgesox™ Erosion Control uses environmentally-focused methodology that gets high marks from engineers and environmentalists alike.

Dredgesox™ Erosion Control uses our multi-functioning amphibious work boats to dredge shallow sediment into our containment system with patented subsurface anchoring system and permanently repairs eroding shorelines. Additionally, alternatives to dredged material, like dirt or compost, are available as fill.

Unlike other erosion control systems which usually act as a temporary fix, Dredgesox™ can be planted through or sodded over, allowing the vegetation to root through the mesh armor and create a new living system. Revegetation of a shoreline is the only true cure to completely halt shoreline erosion using a system that imitates mother nature.

Unlike other shoreline containment options, Dredgesox™ Erosion Control is relatively quicker to install and has minimal impact on surrounding property.

Dredgesox vs. the Competition

The following table provides a straight-forward comparison between Dredgesox and the closest competitive products. The comparison criteria reflect the important considerations and Best Management Practices associated with the erosion control industry.

Comparison Criteria Dredgesox Curlex® Bloc Coir Logs Geotextile Sock Stone Rip-Rap Stone Gabion
Subsurface anchoring Yes No No No N/A N/A
Attaches to firm shore bank Yes No No No No No
Degradable Yes Yes Yes No No No
Supports re-vegetation Yes Yes Maybe Maybe No No
Filters & buffers run-off Yes Maybe No No No No
Lightweight construction Yes No No Maybe No No
Broad single unit coverage Yes No No No Yes Yes
Shipped empty Yes No No Maybe No No
Filled with local material Yes No No Maybe Maybe Maybe
Heavy equipment needed Optional Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Resists forces of nature Yes No No No Maybe Maybe

Dredgesox™ Erosion Control Equals Natural Shoreline Stability.

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