What is Aquatic Harvesting?

When it comes to the health of a lake water quality is essential. Services like water quality testing add to improving the health of a lake, but to really keep a lake clean, aquatic harvesting should be done. Aquatic harvesting is when machines are used to remove any unwanted plants from lakes, ponds, and wetlands. The harvesting with machines is an Eco-friendly way of vegetation control.

Vegetation Control

Vegetation control is important for the water quality because a lake with overgrown vegetation creates problems like algal blooms, vegatation controland dead fish. This vegetation may include

  • Weeds
  • Exotic plants
  • Nonnative plants
  • Algae

This vegetation may be floating on the surface of the water, at the bottom, or the littoral zone. When the vegetation becomes overgrown, it is important to remove it as soon as possible.

Problems Without Vegetation Control

Without proper vegetation control, many different problems could arise.

Algal blooms are when a body of water has an excess amount of nutrients. A normal amount of algae is common in a lake, pond, or body of water, but when algal blooms occur, it affects the water quality.

If you see dead fish in a lake or pond, it could be due to poor maintenance of vegetation. When there are lots of plants covering the surface of the water, or an algae bloom this blocks the sunlight to the bottom of the lake or pond. The vegetation at the bottom of the water is the food or the fish. When bottom vegetation does not have sunlight they die, along with the fish because they do not have food any longer.

Vegetation Control with Mechanical Harvesters

weedooLake and Wetland Management uses the Weedoo Tigercat for our vegetation control needs. This is the safest way to remove unwanted vegetation material. By using a machine to go in the water and directly cut and remove the plants, it reducing the amount of herbicide that is required. Mechanical harvesters can remove plants on the surface as well as cut from the roots of vegetation at the bottom.