Welcome to LAKE & WETLAND MANAGEMENT MORE INFORMATION HERE arrow Our team is a full service environmental resource management company providing services for Golf Courses, Residential Homeowner Associations, Community Development Districts, Commercial Properties, Water Management Districts, and Municipal authorities to protect and enhance all of your environmental assets.

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For a quick, eco-friendly way to remove sediment and reclaim the shoreline, we use a newly innovative system called Dredgesox®.

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Eco-Friendly Environmental Services in Florida

Lake & Wetland Management offers custom designed plans for your community or golf course to convert it’s wetlands and waterways into eco-friendly balanced systems.


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Different Types Of Soil Erosion & How To Prevent Them

Different Types of Soil Erosion & How to Prevent Them

Soil erosion is often a very slow process, so slow that it happens without anyone noticing. However, sometimes it can happen at an alarming rate. Soil erosion can negatively affect…

The 4 Main Causes Of Erosion In Lake Soil

The 4 Main Causes of Erosion in Lake Soil

Throughout Florida, many communities feature lakes that improve their property's aesthetic appeal and offer recreational opportunities to the residents. In addition to ensuring that these lakes remain clean and functional,…