Serving the State of Florida Since 1992

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Areas We Serve in Daytona, FL

The Daytona office services the following counties:

  • Brevard County
  • Volusia County

The Daytona office is full service for all wetland and lake management needs. Some of the more common services for the Daytona area are fountain and aerator installation, Shoresox erosion control and lake maintenance.

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Full-Service Lake & Pond Management in Daytona FL

Lake and Wetland Management provides individual specialty services for lake maintenance that include native plants, monitoring reports, littoral shelves, fish stocking, and mosquito and midge control in Dayonta, FL.

For professional environmental services in Daytona Florida, contact us today at (386) 256-5724 for a free site survey and estimate.


Our Local Environmental Services in Daytona

Lake and Wetland Management provides a variety of environmental services in Daytona Florida including:

Fountain & Aerator Installation in Daytona

Lake and Wetland will install and manage fountain and aerators for lakes and ponds. There is a large selection of fountains for lakes to choose from. Aerators and fountains can be very beneficial to lakes. The help by controlling the levels of dissolved oxygen in the water. The amount of dissolved oxygen can depend on the lives of fish and plants as well as prevent algae blooms from happening.

Shoreline Erosion Control in Daytona Florida

Shoresox is the material used to restore shorelines and prevent erosion from occurring. Shoresox is one of the most environment-friendly and organic materials to use for erosion control. Without erosion control there will be loss of property and even residential damage.

Erosion is down by the water wearing down the land and sediment. This can be from the waters rising or run-off. When erosion happens, the property value goes down. This can be significant or residences, golf courses, or developments.

Lake Maintenance Service in Daytona FL

For lake management, Lake and Wetland use licensed herbicide treatments to help control weeds, algae, and non-native plants.

Type of algae that occurs in lakes and ponds are filamentous, planktonic, and cynaophya. A small amount of algae in a lake is normal and healthy for the lake. When a lake gets too much nutrients in the water, this causes algae blooms that can kill the fish and plant species in the lakes and ponds.

Lake management is a full service that manages everything needed for the lakes. Other components of lake management are littoral shelves management, mosquito and midge control, fountain and aerators, native plants, and shorelines.

Environmental Services We Offer in Daytona Florida

Lake Management


border grass and aquatic weeds is required to maintain optimum flow for storm water storage and to improve aesthetic appeal.

Wetland Management

A wetland is a complex ecosystem that is filled with hundreds of organisms that contribute to the life of a wetland. Wetlands will be managed by specialists for the best results.

Fountain & Aeration Systems Installation/Maintenance


Lake fountains do more than add beauty, they aerate the water and prevent algae blooms. They also help with oxygen levels & improve the life of the fish and vegetation in the lake.

Erosion Control & Shoreline Restoration


We specialize in shoreline erosion and restoration. Shoreline erosion is common in Florida & is essential to restore the shoreline when needed. Shoresox is the best solution for restoring shorelines.

Littoral Shelf Maintenance


Littoral zones are the plant life that is surrounding the lake and wetland. They add nutrients and life to the wetland. We maintain these zones, or install them if they are needed.

Fish Stocking


Fish stocking is done for recreational purposes such as recreational fishing and food. We restock fish using research and examination of fish that will only enhance the quality of the lake.

Native Plant Nursery & Installation


Native plants are important to the ecosystem of a natural area. We have knowledge of these plants and will install them where they are needed to contribute to a more quality ecosystem.

Mosquito & Midge Larvae Control


Controlling mosquitoes and midges is essential for lakeside residents. Lake and Wetland Management, Inc. provides mosquito and midge larvae control via the use of proven larvicides.