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Full-Service Lake & Pond Management in Kissimmee Florida

Local lake & pond maintenance is a very common service because it is a full service for lake management. All of the specialty services for lake & pond management are included in the full-service area.


For the most effective and professional lake & pond maintenance services in Kissimmee Florida, contact us today at (407) 350 – 5909 for a free site survey and estimate.

Our Lake & Pond Maintenace Services in Kissimmee, FL

Lake and Wetland Management provides a variety of environmental services near me in Central Florida including:

Lake and Wetland Management’s Office in Kissimme Florida has a full staff that will frequently visit the lakes & ponds to perform routine checks that can be viewed. We used licensed herbicide treatment for all of our services. We perform all services in the Kissimmee area, but the most common services due to the type of surrounding area include Lake Maintenance, Shoresox Shoreline Erosion Control, and Planting Jobs.

Areas We Serve in Kissimmee Florida

Lake and Wetland Management service in the Kissimmee area in Florida. This office will be used for the following counties:

  • Osceola County
  • Polk County

Lake and Wetland Management performs all environmental services throughout the Kissimmee area, but the most common services due to the type of surrounding area are Lake Maintenance, Dredging Solutions, Shoreline Erosion Control, and Littoral Shelf Planting Jobs.

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Our Shoreline Erosion Restoration Services in Kissimmee FL

Shoresox is what Lake and Wetland uses to restore and control shoreline erosion. It is 100% environment-friendly and made with all organic materials. Without proper shoreline control, the shoreline will erode further and further throughout the years until the damage can be very costly or irreversible. When there is shoreline erosion ecosystem of the lake is affected. When the water slowly fills in on the land, this created property damaged and even residential damage if the residences are close enough, which in Florida, they usually are.

Native Nursery & Planting Services in Kissimmee

Lake and Wetland Management does planting jobs for preserves, littorals, and wetlands. We grow native plants in our nursery at our main office. Some of the native species that are grown and installed include:

  • Pickerelweed
  • Arrowheads / Duck Potato
  • Golden Cannas
  • Blue Flag Iris
  • Spikerush (Sedges)
  • Soft Stem Bullrush]
  • Red Stem Thalia

When are lake has an excess amount of exotic or non-native plants, Lake and Wetland Management will remove all of the plants that are overgrowing in the area. When there is a very large amount, large scale clearing may be needed. Once they are all removed, herbicide will be sprayed to prevent them from returning. That is when the native plants from the nursery are installed. These plants usually are installed in the littoral shelves were they can filter the run-off the will go in the lake.


In addition to Disney World, Central Florida is home to dozens of lakeside parks with playgrounds, picnic areas, walking paths, boat ramps, and campsites, the largest of which is Kissimmee Lake State Park. Osceola and Polk counties are just south of Disney World and offer many opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors.

It is a challenge to drive a few miles around Central Florida without finding a beautiful lake or pond full of fish. From Lake Tohopekaliga to the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, you’ll find pro-level fishing in the bountiful waters. Lake Tohopekaliga is home to Makinson Island, on the northern third of the lake. This 132-acre island has approximately 3.5 miles of hiking trails and wildlife viewing opportunities. It is only accessible by boat or kayak. The Kissimmee Chain of Lakes is the headwaters of the Everglades, Florida’s famed river of grass.

Winters are dry and temperate, with average high temperatures of 72 degrees Fahrenheit and average lows of 49 degrees Fahrenheit. Summers are humid and hot, with an average high of 92 degrees Fahrenheit and an average low of 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer generally peaks in early June and lasts until early October.

History of Central Florida

After the Civil War, most of Central Florida was wetlands, with the exception of cotton, cattle, and coastal lands. It required a major drainage project in the 1880s to make these wetlands usable for settlement.

Originally called Allandale after a Confederate major who operated the first cargo steamship, the town of Kissimmee boomed in the 1880s. Its location on Lake Tohopekaliga made the town an important regional steamboat port until the arrival of the railroads. Now the county seat, Kissimmee, is 18 miles south of Orlando.

Named after Samuel Pasco, Pasco County was incorporated by the Florida Legislature in 1887. With citrus as the main crop, the process for making orange juice concentrate was developed in Pasco County. The coastal part of the county was pretty much undeveloped until the second half of the 20th century when it became popular as a place to retire.

Many of Central Florida’s first settlers began arriving between 1858 through the end of 1877. These early Floridians began to homestead and start ranching in the lands around Kissimmee and Orlando. Heritage sites in this area include the Kissimmee Historic District, Osceola County Historical Museum & Pioneer Enrichment Center, Bartow Downtown Commercial District, Florida Air Museum, and more.

Lake & Pond Management Near Me in Central Florida

Although Central Florida gets a lot of tourists, it is also the agricultural center of the state. For both these reasons, the plentiful lakes and ponds and the thriving cattle ranches, ensuring the area’s lakes and ponds are maintained and managed correctly is essential.

The area is located between the year-round growing season of South Florida and the partial year growing season of North Florida. The area rarely experiences deep frosts, and this unique climate means that pro-active lake and pond management in Central Florida is required.

Zip Codes for Areas Served in Central Florida

  • 34742
  • 34742
  • 34743
  • 34746
  • 34744

Lake & Pond Maintenance Services We Offer in Kissimmee

Lake Management


border grass and aquatic weeds is required to maintain optimum flow for storm water storage and to improve aesthetic appeal.

Mechanical Vegetation Removal

Aquatic vegetation removal width=

Lake and Wetland Management can easily cut and harvest any floating or submerged vegetation using our new Weedoo shoreline workboat called the TigerCat®. This eco-friendly workboat helps us fulfill multiple services that involve mechanically cutting and harvesting emerging, submerged and floating vegetation.

Erosion Control & Shoreline Restoration


We specialize in shoreline erosion and restoration. Shoreline erosion is common in Florida & is essential to restore the shoreline when needed. Shoresox is the best solution for restoring shorelines.

Native Plant Nursery & Installation

Native plants are important to the ecosystem of a natural area. We have knowledge of these plants and will install them where they are needed to contribute to a more quality ecosystem.

Littoral Shelf Maintenance


Littoral zones are the plant life that is surrounding the lake and wetland. They add nutrients and life to the wetland. We maintain these zones, or install them if they are needed.

Fish Stocking


Fish stocking is done for recreational purposes such as recreational fishing and food. We restock fish using research and examination of fish that will only enhance the quality of the lake.

Fountain & Aeration Systems Installation/Maintenance


Lake fountains do more than add beauty, they aerate the water and prevent algae blooms. They also help with oxygen levels & improve the life of the fish and vegetation in the lake.

Mosquito & Midge Larvae Control


Controlling mosquitoes and midges is essential for lakeside residents. Lake and Wetland Management, Inc. provides mosquito and midge larvae control via the use of proven larvicides.