Orlando Office


4625 Old Winter Garden Rd. Unit B4
Orlando, FL 3281

Lake and Wetland service the Orlando area for all their lake and wetland management needs. The following counties are serviced in the Orlando area:

  • Orange County
  • Seminole County
  • Lake County
  • Sumter County


Lake maintenance is one of the most common of the requested services. It is a full service that involves algae control, shoreline and emergent grasses, littoral shelves, weed control, fish stocking and mosquito control. Our team performs all these services using licensed herbicide treatments. Lots of lakes in Florida will get overgrown with non-native plants. Lake and Wetland will remove all the exotic and non-native plants and install native plants from our nursery. Monitoring reports are given frequently to track the progress of the lake management.


Planting jobs are done to install native plants to help the ecosystem of the lakes and wetlands thrive. The planting jobs are done in preserves, littoral zones, and wetlands. It is important to remove exotic plants and install native plants because it helps the biology diversity. Exotic plants create a loss of other native species in the ecosystem so it is important to remove them whenever they are present. Some of the native species we install are pickerelweed, arrowheads, blue flag iris, soft stem bulrush, and red stem thalia.


Shoresox erosions control is performed on preserves, littoral zones, and wetlands. This is one of the more common services in the Orlando area because it is one of the most important. Shoreline erosion control is done in lake and pond shorelines. Other duties are bulkheads, and drainage repair.

Lake and Wetland Management does hillside erosion in Florida when needed also. These are to control cart paths, sidewalks, and tee boxes. The environment in Florida is constantly changing and it is important to have control before irreversible damage occurs.

Services We Offer in the Orlando Florida location

Lake Management


border grass and aquatic weeds is required to maintain optimum flow for storm water storage and to improve aesthetic appeal.

Wetland Management

A wetland is a complex ecosystem that is filled with hundreds of organisms that contribute to the life of a wetland. Wetlands will be managed by specialists for the best results.

Erosion Control & Shoreline Restoration


We specialize in shoreline erosion and restoration. Shoreline erosion is common in Florida & is essential to restore the shoreline when needed. Shoresox is the best solution for restoring shorelines.

Native Plant Nursery & Installation


Native plants are important to the ecosystem of a natural area. We have knowledge of these plants and will install them where they are needed to contribute to a more quality ecosystem.