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Areas We Serve in Treasure Coast

Lake and Wetland Management provides service of a wide range of specialties for managing lakes, wetlands, and ponds in the Treasure Coast. The following counties are serviced in the Treasure Coast office location including:

  • Martin County
  • Lucy County
  • Indian River County

Full-Service Lake & Pond Management in Treasure Coast

Florida is a large state, and the environment and temperature is slightly if not drastically different in each location in Florida. Here are some common services Lake and Wetland performs at the Treasure Cast office location.

For the most professional environmental services in Treasure Coast Florida contact us today at (772) 291 – 0171 for a free site survey and estimate.

Environmental Services in Stuart Florida

Lake and Wetland Management provides a variety of environmental services in Treasure Coast Florida including:

Lake Management in Stuart Florida

Lake and Wetland in Treasure Coast, FL,  manages natural and man-made lakes. This service is popular for residential lakes to keep up the aesthetic appeal. The lake management service has specialty services that are included to manage and properly maintain lakes are: water quality testing, debris removal, native plant installation, and algae control.

Shoreline Erosion Control in Stuart Florida

Shoresox is the most environment-friendly material that is on the market now for erosion control. Erosion management and control is extremely important for lakes and wetlands. Without the control there can be property damage and even loss. Lake and Wetland specialize in erosion control and have a highly trained staff to install Shoresox properly. Once it is installed, frequent maintenance occurs after to unsure quality.

Preserving Natural Wetland’s in Stuart, FL

Another area that is common in the Treasure Coast area for mitigation maintenance is littoral shelf maintenance. Management of the littoral shelf helps prevent algae blooms by filtering and reducing the amount of nutrients that go into the water from runoff. If a lake or wetland does not have a littoral shelf, Lake and Wetland does installations and installations of native plants from our native plant nursery at our main office location in Boynton Beach.

Maintaining Lakes & Wetlands Using Littoral Shelves

Mitigation maintenance involves preserving Florida’s natural wetlands. The wetlands in Florida are important to preserve because so many have already been lost in the recent years due to misinformation. The services that include preserving wetlands are algae and weed control, native plant installation, and more.

About Florida’s Treasure Coast

Located on Florida’s Atlantic coast, the area known as the Treasure Coast comprises three counties: Indian River, St. Lucie, and Martin. Referencing a 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet lost in a hurricane, the name differentiates this region from the Gold Coast, a region that includes West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami.

In 1961 salvagers began recovering Spanish treasure off the coast, and writers John J. Schumann Jr. and Harry J. Schultz at the Vero Beach Press Journal started using the name Treasure Coast. Spanish Treasure ships were sent to bring back wealth from Spain’s American territories and bring it home to the crown. The 1715 Treasure Fleet sank due to the winds of a hurricane, scattering jewels, gold, and silver over the seafloor.

The discovery of the 1715 Treasure Fleet’s treasure was a major news story at the time and garnered international attention. The region lives up to its name, with lucky beachgoers occasionally finding Spanish treasure washed ashore.

History of the Treasure Coast

Near Port St. Lucie in 1696, a young Quaker merchant from Jamaica, Jonathan Dickinson, was shipwrecked with his family. Although this was Dickinson’s only connection to the area, Jonathan Dickinson State Park remains, giving visitors a glimpse of Florida’s pristine beauty.

The towns of Jensen Beach, Stuart, and Hobe Sound are located at the confluence of the St. Lucie Inlet, where the Indian River Lagoon and the St. Lucie River flow together. The inlet separates Jupiter Island to the south and Hutchinson Island to the north. Unlike the faster-paced cities just south of the Treasure Coast, these surf destinations have a culturally vibrant yet laid-back vibe focused on the beach, fishing, boating, community, and the natural wonders that surround them.

The Treasure Coast differs from other Florida regions because it is an area where things truly slow down. Stuart was named the Happiest Seaside Town by Coastal Living Magazine in 2016, while Port St. Lucie is known as the Sailfish Capital of the World. Once a small fishing village, it is now a popular hub for boaters. From October to June, free public concerts are held on Sundays in downtown Stuart.

A prime destination for scuba divers and snorkelers, Jensen Beach is known as the Pineapple Capital of the World. Jensen Beach is also home to Indian Riverside Park, comprised of 63 acres of waterfront grounds, fishing piers, walking paths, picnic pavilions, and gardens along the Indian River Lagoon.

Lake & Pond Management on the Treasure Coast

Barrier islands and narrow sandbars shield the Treasure Coast from the Atlantic Ocean, protecting the shallow lagoons, bays, and rivers. Abundant palmetto and pine flatlands can be found immediately inland.

Several lakes and rivers flow through the Treasure Coast, including the well-known Indian River, which connects to the Indian River Lagoon system. Like many areas of south Florida, the waterbodies throughout the Treasure Coast experience a variety of (potentially serious) water quality issues, including toxic algae blooms. This makes land and pond management essential to the health of water bodies in the Treasure Coast, Florida paramount.

Environmental Services We Offer in Treasure Coast

Lake Management


border grass and aquatic weeds is required to maintain optimum flow for storm water storage and to improve aesthetic appeal.

Littoral Shelf Maintenance


Littoral zones are the plant life that is surrounding the lake and wetland. They add nutrients and life to the wetland. We maintain these zones, or install them if they are needed.

Erosion Control & Shoreline Restoration


We specialize in shoreline erosion and restoration. Shoreline erosion is common in Florida & is essential to restore the shoreline when needed. Shoresox is the best solution for restoring shorelines.

Native Plant Nursery & Installation

Native plants are important to the ecosystem of a natural area. We have knowledge of these plants and will install them where they are needed to contribute to a more quality ecosystem.

Fish Stocking


Fish stocking is done for recreational purposes such as recreational fishing and food. We restock fish using research and examination of fish that will only enhance the quality of the lake.

Fountain & Aeration Systems Installation/Maintenance


Lake fountains do more than add beauty, they aerate the water and prevent algae blooms. They also help with oxygen levels & improve the life of the fish and vegetation in the lake.

Mosquito & Midge Larvae Control


Controlling mosquitoes and midges is essential for lakeside residents. Lake and Wetland Management, Inc. provides mosquito and midge larvae control via the use of proven larvicides.

Wetland Management

A wetland is a complex ecosystem that is filled with hundreds of organisms that contribute to the life of a wetland. Wetlands will be managed by specialists for the best results.