Lake Management


Management of lakes and waterways is an essential service. The control of algae, border grass and aquatic weeds is required to maintain optimum flow for storm water storage and to improve aesthetic appeal.

Mosquito and Midge Larvae Control

Mosquito and Midge Larvae Control

Controlling of mosquitoes and midges is essential for lakeside residents. LAKE AND WETLAND MANAGEMENT, INC. provides mosquito and midge larvae control via the use of proven larvicides and the stocking of native mosquitofish.

Wetland Management

Wetlands and natural areas, either created or preserved, require diligent maintenance. And this maintenance requires an in-depth knowledge of the many plants and animals that reside in these unique areas.

Erosion Control

SOX erosion solutions

As property owners and managers are aware, the erosion of our waterway shorelines is a rampant problem. Shoreline erosion is the result of a combination of natural forces.

Mechanical Vegetation Removal

Aquatic vegetation removal

Lake and Wetland Management can easily cut and harvest any floating or submerged vegetation using our new Weedoo shoreline workboat called the TigerCat®. This eco-friendly workboat helps us fulfill multiple services that involve mechanically cutting and harvesting emerging, submerged and floating vegetation.

Natural Area Management

The Lake and Wetland team is licensed and trained in Natural Area Management, which is one of the most significant aspects of wetland maintenance. This means we are certified to identify and rectify the occurrence of invasive plants, which are nonnative vegetation with uncontrollable growth rates that threaten the existence of natural plants.


environmental monitoring

Lake & Wetland Management’s experienced scientists monitor our customer’s mitigation projects. Our experts document all exotic plant control efforts and native plant installations for worry-free governmental reporting compliance. Our detailed lake and environmental monitoring reports include extensive written and photo documentation.

Native Plant Nursery

native nursery

Native plants are preferred and often required in natural area restoration. LAKE AND WETLAND MANAGEMENT, INC., grows and installs a variety of native trees, shrubs, and herbaceous aquatics for installation or delivery.