Debris Removal Service

The removal of debris from lakes and natural areas often requires specialized equipment and manpower labor to properly perform this work. LAKE AND WETLAND MANAGEMENT, INC. keeps your lakes looking their best at all time. In addition, casual debris removal is included in our maintenance contracts at NO CHARGE.

We use a debris removal that is safe and Eco-friendly for the environment. You do not have to worry about having the right equipment to remove the debris because Lake and Wetland Management will perform the debris removal for all contracted clients.


Types of Debris

Lumber, Old Timber, Branches, Clippings, Soil, Sod, Stumps

Florida is known to have thunder storms at random. These storms can bring heavy wind and rain that will cause debris around the lakes and surrounding areas. There are also a lot of palm trees in Florida. The large palm fronds tend to shed and the coconuts fall and create a pile around the base of the tree. This will be part of the debris removal by Lake and Wetland Management in the contracts.

We will come and remove the debris to keep the area looking clean and safe for people and animals.


We have trucks to carry the large debris items like trees that have fallen. We also have the powerful tools to break up the debris to be transported easier. We will come and handle the large or small debris and have the area looking clean again.


Importance of Debris Removal

There are many reasons why debris removal is important. With excess debris, it can he harmful for the environment. The plant life cannot grow if there is large clippings on top of them. It can also block the natural sunlight to the plants and grass underneath.

Debris also effects animal life. The lake and surrounding area is there home and there is debris invading their home. They might move to find another dwelling that is clean which disrupts the ecosystem of the area.

If the area is commonly populated with children and pets, debris can be dangerous. If it is in a residential area, it should be cleaned as soon as possible.