Shoreline Erosion Control & Restoration in Florida

Shoreline erosion in lakes & ponds is essentially the removal of coastal land that has been supplanted by water. Water wears down earth and sediment, and as such, rising water levels are one of the primary causes of shoreline erosion. Often, elevated water levels are a side effect of the changing seasons.

Lake & Wetland Management has built its reputation as a shoreline erosion control specialist in Florida through the development of its SOX Erosion Solutions erosion control product line. And while the SOX line offers a number of outstanding products, Lake & Wetland Management also offers other alternative erosion control options for use in conjunction with the SOX line, for smaller projects, or as stand-alone solutions for green erosion control solutions.

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What Causes Shorelines to Erode?

Erosion is a natural process but humans often exacerbate erosion conditions by trying to manipulate water and landscape into unnatural configurations rather than trying to work with and imitate nature in design. Areas that frequently see the most dramatic erosion in Florida are human-created sites like stormwater retention basins, canals, golf course water hazards, and filled quarries, unnatural situations that frequently feature steep, nude, unprotected banks. The general consensus amongst erosion control professionals is that, under ideal conditions, the best freshwater erosion control projects mimic natural conditions as they feature gently sloping banks, utilize native vegetation to protect the shoreline, and diversify the array of techniques employed.

In addition, other contributing factors that contribute to shorelines eroding include:

  • Storms or high-speed winds that create large waves
  • Improperly-drained runoff from storms, agriculture, or irrigation
  • Fish species that tunnel through the shoreline

Consider shorelines in some of those often-eroded sites mentioned above. Being unnatural human-created conditions kept devoid of all but the sparsest plant cover, they little resemble natural freshwater shorelines and actually attempt to futilely oppose and tame nature rather than work with it. Hard, steep banks like those of canals and quarries receive a lot more kinetic energy from clobbering wind and wave action as the water slams against unprotected vertical surfaces. Gently sloping banks, by comparison, allow waves to wash up and over the shoreline, gradually dispersing the destructive, eroding energy. Removing hard structures such as concrete headwalls and retention walls may seem counterintuitive to controlling erosion, but, while these structures themselves remain unscathed, they often promote erosion as waves wash and eddy behind and around, making damage to surrounding areas even more severe.

SOX Shoreline Erosion Solutions™

before and after shoreline erosion control by Lake & Wetland Management

As a property owner in South Florida, shoreline erosion is a severe problem, and it continues to get worse. When poor lake development, hurricanes, lack of vegetation, and heavy rains cause shorelines to erode, Lake and Wetlands cutting-edge, shoreline restoration is essential.

Lake & Pond Sediment Removal

Lake sediment removal & shoreline restoration service in Florida

Over a period of time leaves, weeds, algae, and other organic matter accumulate in your pond or lake, taking the form of “MUCK”. As the amount of this material increases over the years, the waterway starts to experience many problems. MUCK harbors nutrients that can cause excessive weed and algae problems and deteriorates the water quality and ecosystem of your lake or pond. Now Lake and Wetland Management offers a unique, low-impact method of removing these unwanted sediments and restoring new life to your lake or pond.

Vegetated Buffer Planting & Maintenance


More and more communities are establishing terrestrial and aquatic preserves and refugia for wildlife and as picturesque, natural green-space backdrops to community neighborhoods. Many such preserves also feature transitional vegetated buffers between suburbia and the protected natural areas, and Lake & Wetland Management is an industry leader in creating and maintaining these preserves and the buffers protecting them. Our native nursery grows and sources a wide assortment of handsome, beneficial terrestrial and aquatic Florida plants to populate these buffers, protect natural areas, and attractively demarcate where wildlife habitat begins

Best Way to Control Shoreline Erosion in Florida

One of the most effective tools in shoreline erosion control specialist’s arsenal is soft-armoring the shoreline with native plantings. Quite simply, roots retail soil. Trees, shrubs, and even herbaceous plants installed on a waterway’s banks use their roots to tenaciously cling to the soil, literally holding the shoreline in place, maintaining its integrity. Emergent littoral plants such as spikerush, Pickerelweed, Blue Flag Iris, and Golden Canna, planted in the shallows at the edge of the shoreline, stand sentry against and reduce oncoming wind and wave action, as well as limit waterside access to the bank by invasive exotic fish such as Pterygoplichthys armored catfish that dig destructive spawning burrows several feet into the bank.

catfish undermining the shorelines that cause erosion in Florida

Attractive, flowering floating plants like Fragrant and Yellow Waterlily, American Lotus, Spatterdock, and Watershield thrive just beyond the littoral shelf and form dense mats that further dissipate the eroding kinetic energy of bombarding waves. Further up the bank, a planted buffer of attractive shrubs and grasses can disperse rainwater runoff and further conserve soil.

Identifying & Eliminating Sources of Shoreline Erosion

Eroding forces come from both the land as well as from the water’s edge. Identifying and eliminating shoreside eroding forces is yet another step in limiting and controlling erosion damage. Erosion in urban settings is often targeted in specific points or small swaths when stormwater runoff is funneled and concentrated in focused points by building downspouts, un-guttered roofs, and hard paved surfaces such as sidewalks, parking lots, and pool decks.

Identifying and eliminating or these sources of erosion, or at the very least, curbing, buffering, and dispersing them with strategic plantings, can greatly protect and prolong the lifespan of a shoreline. Further, the dense root structures of such plantings can discourage damaging burrowing by invasive terrestrial wildlife like introduced Green Iguanas.

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Best Way to Prevent Vegetated Bluff Erosion

In order to prevent shoreline erosion of slumping vegetated bluffs through:

  • Moisture Retention
  • Surface Runoff Diversion
  • Reducing Runoff Rate

Local Lake & Pond Shoreline Restoration in Florida

Erosive forces come in many guises and there are just as many tactics to combat them. Protecting shorelines against such diverse onslaught in the state of Florida can be daunting but, rest assured, Lake & Wetland Management is experienced, equipped, and well-versed in effective, affordable erosion control solutions and ready to offer help, no further away than a mouse-click or phone call away.

Are you losing your lake or pond shoreline to erosion? Shoreline erosion is an issue that affects many homeowner associations, golf courses, commercial properties, & developments throughout Florida. At Lake & Wetland Management, our shoreline restoration service is an innovative & cost-effective way to provide an eco-friendly solution to lake & pond shoreline erosion. Contact the experts at Lake & Wetland Management at 855-888-5253 or contact us online.