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SOX Erosion Solutions offers a suite of patented bio-engineered “living shoreline” erosion control systems. ShoreSOX, DredgeSOX, and SOXfence systems halt soil erosion and restabilize shorelines and hillsides using a high tensile technical mesh employing rip-stop technology and an anchoring system proven to withstand the forces of nature while providing a healthy environment to support and sustain vegetation. All their systems are lightweight, open-ended, and design flexible, which ultimately allows our systems to take any desired shape or size.

Do you want a system that has proven longevity and sustainability? Look no further! SOX systems are the solutions and support to make your property managers, golf course superintendents, municipalities and your homeowners happy for years to come.

How is that possible? Well, we have been in business for over 28 years and our systems are still standing!

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DredgeSOX® Shoreline Erosion Restoration and Control

DredgeSOX® was designed with a double layer of knitted high-density polyethylene mesh that is filled by dredging shallow pond sediment into the containment unit.

Sox Erosion Solution

Our shoreline control and restoration using DredgeSOX creates a new fully integrated secure and solid living shoreline.

  • Quick installation with minimal impact on surrounding property
  • Preferred when a waterway is part of the project
  • Pumped with shallowed sediment from the waterway
  • Secured with patented anchoring channel
  • Sod or plant directly through the knitted mesh to revegetate the shoreline
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Shoresox Lake & Hillside Erosion Stabilization

ShoreSOX® is constructed with a knitted high-density polyethylene mesh that is lined with burlap. This gives ShoreSOX® its maximum moisture retention capabilities that allow vegetation of new living shorelines and hillsides, even in arid climate conditions.

  • Immediately Stabilizes Erosion
  • Filled with Locally Sourced Organics
  • Filtrates Storm Water Run-off
  • Regain Lost Property
  • Moisture Retention Capabilities
  • Patented Anchoring Channels
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SOXFence® Silt & Sediment Erosion Fencing

SOXfence® is the next generation of protective project fencing. It is reusable and requires less maintenance than traditional silt fencing, ultimately resulting in overall lower cost & increased longevity.

Our silt and sediment erosion control provides the following benefits:

  • SOXFence® is Non-Trenched
  • Easy to Install
  • 5- Year Warranty
  • Requires Fewer Stakes
  • Works In & Out of Water
  • Will NOT Unravel if Torn
  • Serves as Containment Barrier
  • Available in Green, Tan & Custom Colors
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