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DredgeSOX® Shoreline Erosion Restoration and Control

DredgeSOX® was designed with a double layer of knitted high-density polyethylene mesh that is filled by dredging shallow pond sediment into the containment unit.

Sox Erosion Solution

Our shoreline control and restoration using DredgeSOX creates a new fully integrated secure and solid living shoreline.

  • Quick installation with minimal impact on surrounding property
  • Preferred when a waterway is part of the project
  • Pumped with shallowed sediment from the waterway
  • Secured with patented anchoring channel
  • Sod or plant directly through the knitted mesh to revegetate the shoreline
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Shoresox Lake & Hillside Erosion Stabilization

ShoreSOX® is constructed with a knitted high-density polyethylene mesh that is lined with burlap. This gives ShoreSOX® its maximum moisture retention capabilities that allow vegetation of new living shorelines and hillsides, even in arid climate conditions.

  • Immediately Stabilizes Erosion
  • Filled with Locally Sourced Organics
  • Filtrates Storm Water Run-off
  • Regain Lost Property
  • Moisture Retention Capabilities
  • Patented Anchoring Channels
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SOXFence® Silt & Sediment Erosion Fencing

SOXfence® is the next generation of protective project fencing. It is reusable and requires less maintenance than traditional silt fencing, ultimately resulting in overall lower cost & increased longevity.

Our silt and sediment erosion control provides the following benefits:

  • SOXFence® is Non-Trenched
  • Easy to Install
  • 5- Year Warranty
  • Requires Fewer Stakes
  • Works In & Out of Water
  • Will NOT Unravel if Torn
  • Serves as Containment Barrier
  • Available in Green, Tan & Custom Colors
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