Green Waterway Management Services in Florida

eco-friendly waterway management services in Florida

Eco-Friendly Bacteria & Dye Applications for Beautiful Lakes

Lake & Wetland Management uses natural bacterial applications to lessen or eliminate the need for chemical herbicides, break down bottom sludge, reduce nitrogen and phosphorous content in the water column, and greatly improve water clarity. Installation of non-toxic food-grade dyes reduce light penetration in waterways and help reduce aquatic weed growth and harmful algae blooms without the use of traditional chemical herbicides and algaecide.

Our lake & pond algae control services in Florida provides an eco-friendly & professional approach to maintaining the quality health of local lakes and ponds.

Fountain & Aeration Services

aeration and fountain installation service in Florida

Oxygenation & Chemical-free Algae Prevention

Fountains can offer charming, dynamic focal points to wow residents, while aerators oxygenate and circulate water, reduce the potential for harmful algal blooms, and create healthier conditions for fish and other aquatic wildlife. Lake & Wetland Management carries, installs, and services a wide array of durable, modern systems for all your aerator and fountain needs.

Our lake fountain & aerator service in Florida not only adds aesthetic appeal to your lake or pond but provides the needed circulation to the waterway in order to maintain a balanced aquatic ecosystem.

Native Littoral Shelf Planting

native littoral planting service in Florida

Nutrient Reduction & Algae Control

Lake & Wetland Management’s native nursery carries a wide variety of flowering littoral plants to beautify communities, satisfy municipal regulations, control harmful erosion and runoff, and provide important wildlife habitat. All plants are grown in and sourced through our own Florida-based nursery. Installation by our experienced technicians is always quick and professional and all our plants are warrantied when accompanied by a maintenance contract.

Our littoral shelf installation & maintenance service in Florida is an eco-friendly solution to controlling invasive weeds to enhance wildlife habitation & aesthetic quality for the waterway.

Wildlife Habitat Enhancements

wildlife habitat enhancement service in Florida

Custom Nest Box Installation & Maintenance

In addition to enhancing habitat by planting beneficial native plants, Lake & Wetland Management offers further habitat improvement by installing and managing wildlife roosting and nesting structures for a variety of beautiful, beneficial wildlife species including Wood Ducks, Purple Martins, and bats.

Our eco-friendly natural area management service in Florida utilizes specialized equipment to combat invasive weeds that outcompete with the native vegetation & maintain the value of surrounding wildlife.

Eco-Friendly Erosion Control

side by side before and after lake shoreline erosion restoration

Bioengineered Living Shorelines

Lake & Wetland Management is Florida’s premier certified service provider of SOX Erosion Solutions patented suite of erosion control products. SOX systems are created from bioengineered high-density polyethylene mesh that are filled with local organic materials. Once installed, the system has the ability to be planted through or sodded over to leaving an all-natural, stable finish that helps filter nitrates and phosphates from stormwater runoff from entering the waterway.

Our shoreline erosion control service in Florida is an eco-friendly method of maintaining a healthy lake shoreline.

VectoBac Mosquito Larvacide

mosquito & midge larvae control services in Florida

Bacterial Midge & Mosquito Control

In lieu of chemical pesticides that can potentially harm humans, pets, and wildlife, Lake & Wetland Management recommends VectoBac, a naturally-occurring, biodegradable bacteria product, registered for use by the EPA and recommended by the World Health Organization for control of mosquito larvae. VectoBac targets aquatic insect larvae including midges, mosquitoes, Yellow Flies, horseflies, and biting midges (“no-see-ums”) and can help combat insects that carry the Zika Virus, canine heartworm, and various strains of encephalitis, diseases, and parasites that threaten humans, dogs, birds, and horses.

Controlling mosquitoes & midges is essential for Florida residents living near lakes. Our eco-friendly midge larvae & mosquito control service provides custom plans for a more effective approach for your waterway.

Biological Mosquito Control

biological mosquito control service in Florida

Mosquito Fish Stocking & Bat Box Installation

Lake & Wetland Management stocks native Eastern Mosquitofish year-round because they are mosquito larvae-eating machines that naturally reproduce in our waterways to deliver effective natural mosquito larvae control generation after generation, year after year. To combat flying adult midges and mosquitoes, we install bat boxes to attract insect-eating bats that can each potentially catch up to 1,000 mosquito-sized insects in a single hour. The quantity of insects consumed by a bat colony can be truly staggering and significantly reduce the number of biting insects in your neighborhood.

Our eco-friendly fish stocking service in Florida is a strategic approach to managing the fish populations for your waterways.

Mechanical Weed Control

mechanical aquatic weed control service in Florida

Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Traditional Lake Treatments

Aquatic harvesting offers an herbicide-free vegetation control alternative. Our cutting-edge machines deliver immediate results to clear plant-choked channels and tame unruly shorelines while removing unwanted nutrients from the system.

Our eco-friendly mechanical vegetation removal service in Florida is a herbicide-free method of controlling unruly vegetation and weeds for your waterways.

Grass Carp Stocking

carp fish caught in a green fishing net

Biological Aquatic Weed Control

Grass Carp can consume up to three times their body weight in vegetation daily and eat a variety of troublesome aquatic weeds including Hydrilla, Elodea, Chara, bladderwort, and water naiad. Being an exotic species native to Asia, we stock only sterile triploid Grass Carp which cannot reproduce in the wild and require a special Florida Wildlife Commission stocking permit, the application for which Lake & Wetland Management will help you complete, free of charge as part of your stocking service.

Our Local Go Green Environmental Services

At Lake & Wetland Management, our initiative to help your community Go Green and extend their eco-friendly lifestyle to the care of their waterways including lakes, ponds, and wetlands. For further information on our Go Green Environmental Services in Florida, contact us at 855-888-5253 today or contact us online.