The Importance of Pond & Lake Management

Lakes, ponds and other waterways have a variety of functions. Often, they are built for irrigation, providing a water channel that can be controlled for the purposes of helping crops grow. They are also built for sport and recreational fishing, particularly in public outdoor areas such as parks.

All of these functions require in-depth lake management to take place behind the scenes. In addition, waterways serve a crucial purpose that comes close to home for many property owners: property value. Contaminated waterways tend to be not only odorous and unpleasant to inhabit, but they are also unpleasant to look at. That’s why it is so important to consistently ensure lakes and ponds in housing developments and apartment complexes are kept looking clean and healthy.

Whether a lake serves to irrigate, stock fish or merely stand as an aesthetic ornament, Lake and Wetland Management is here to make sure it remains fresh and attractive. We’re the ones you call to keep your vegetation and livestock hydrated with the purest water. We’re the ones you call to keep your ponds stocked with sport fish and noninvasive species. We’re the ones you call to not only maintain the property value that’s tied to your lake, but to see your property value appreciate exponentially! So call us TODAY!

Algae & Aquatic Control


One essential service that Lake and Wetland Management provides is aquatic plant management, i.e. the control of algae and aquatic weeds. Controlling a lake or pond’s plantlife is essential to that waterway’s health. On the one hand, a lake with diverse vegetation and non-invasive plant species will see its ecology flourish. On the other hand, invasive weeds and unchecked algae growth can prevent nutrients from circulating within the pond, as well as become burdensome to both boaters and fishers.

At Lake and Wetland Management, we specialize in controlling algae, aquatic weeds and border grass in a safe and environmentally sound manner. With our expert technicians overseeing this essential component of your lake management plan, your lake with be healthy, look vibrant, and provide an optimal flow of water!

Littoral Shelf Maintenance

Littoral shelf lake management in Florida

Florida is famous for its beautiful wetlands, but these natural treasures are threatened by hundreds of species of exotic plants introduced from around the world.  Lake & Wetland Management has the experience, expertise, and specialized tools to control invasive weeds and manage wetlands for aesthetic beauty, wildlife habitat enhancement, and governmental mitigation and compliance.

Fountains & Aeration

Row of fountains providing aeration for a lake in Florida

A fountain not only instills beauty and serenity to any pond, but it also provides a variety of benefits to the overall water quality. From controlling excessive algae growth to reducing the accumulation of bottom sediment, Lake and Wetland’s fountain and aeration system installation and maintenance is fully customizable to meet the needs of your waterway and budget. Our fountains and aerators are essential to promoting a  balanced aquatic ecosystem.

Native Fish Stocking

Fish Stocking

One of the best ways to manage fish populations in your own waterway or community is to strategically plan and stock with carefully-selected, hatchery-reared species.  Strategic stocking can have a number of positive benefits, bolster fish populations for exciting angling opportunities, balance native fish communities, create a prey base for improved wildlife watching, reduce exotic fish populations through competition and predation by native species, reduce invasive exotic plant species, and control nuisance mosquito and midge hatches.