Whether it’s a fountain to serve as a dynamic focal point to wow visitors or an aerator to oxygenate and circulate water, Lake & Wetland Management carries and services an array of durable, modern systems for all your aerator and fountain needs.

All our fountains and aerators are customized to meet the specific needs of your waterway and budget, and we offer quick, professional maintenance service for our own units that we install as well as other existing fountains and aerators.

aerators for lakes

Fountain & Aerator Management in Florida

Service and Repairs for Lake & Pond Fountains

When it comes to servicing and repairing fountains, we offer a variety of regular maintenance packages for all the fountains and aerators we install, as well as maintenance for pre-existing systems. We make house calls for emergency inspection, cleaning, and repairs to quickly remedy any unexpected issues that might befall your system.

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Fountain Installation & Management

Lake & Wetland Management offers an extensive line of powerful, attractive fountains, fully customizable to the needs of your project. Fountains create beautiful, dynamic focal points for guests to your property and stimulate the senses with the gentle music of dancing water and beneficial, mood-lifting negatively-charged ions. Call today for a free personalized fountain consultation and proposal.

a submerged lake aerator maintaining lake health in Florida

Aerator Installation & Management

Surface aerators and submerged diffuser aerators circulate water and help to prevent dangerous anoxic (low-oxygen level) conditions. This results in explosive algal blooms, fish kills, and offensive odors from hydrogen sulfide gas. Aeration contributes to healthy, beautiful, balanced waterways for the enjoyment of humans and wildlife alike. Call today to learn how Lake & Wetland Management can aerate, freshen, and beautify your waterway.

fountains and aeration

A highly quality aeration system is essential to maintaining a balanced aquatic ecosystem. For the best lake and pond fountains and aeration service, contact Lake and Wetland.