Littoral Shelf Maintenance

Florida is famous for its beautiful wetlands, but these natural treasures are threatened by hundreds of species of exotic plants introduced from around the world.

When it comes littoral shelf maintenance and installation for a lake or pond, Lake & Wetland Management has the experience, expertise, and specialized tools to control invasive weeds and manage wetlands for aesthetic beauty, wildlife habitat enhancement, and governmental mitigation and compliance.

littoral shelf management

Invasive weeds such as Hydrilla, cattails, Water Hyacinth, and Torpedo Grass can quickly dominate and degrade wetlands.  Lake & Wetland Management offers quick, professional wetland cleanup services to remove and dispose of troublesome weeds, then develops customized, comprehensive management plans to control invasive weeds and manage the wetlands to meet the needs of the individual project.

Littoral Shelf Planting

In addition to removing invasive exotic plants, Lake & Wetland Management further enhances wetlands by installing locally-grown and locally-sourced native Florida plants through its five-acre South Florida native nursery.

We carry a full range of native wetland plants for your wetland preserve project.

Our littoral shelf planting includes a wide array of eye-catching flowering littoral plants such as Golden Canna, Pickerelweed, Southern Blue Flag Iris, Fragrant Water Lily, and Florida Swamp-Lily.

Installing Littoral Shelves

Installation is fast and professional, and when accompanied by a maintenance plan, all plants carry Lake & Wetland Management’s warranty guarantee.

property with a littoral shelf

Is your project a small private pond, a community wetland preserve, or hundreds of acres of marshland? Lake & Wetland Management is your waterway management professional and the answer for all your wetland management needs. Our lake management services include:

  • Wetland cleanups
  • Vegetation Removal and Disposal
  • Invasive Weed Control
  • Native Plant Installation through our own Native Nursery
  • Littoral Shelf Planting & Maintenance
  • Eco-friendly Herbicide-free Management Solutions including Mechanical Aquatic Weed Harvesting
  • Wetland Management for Governmental Mitigation and Compliance

For individualized littoral shelf installation and maintenance for your lake or pond, contact Lake and Wetland today.