Mechanical Vegetation Removal

mechanical harvesting

Aquatic harvesting offers an eco-friendly, herbicide-free vegetation control alternative to traditional waterway treatments. Lake & Wetland Management’s fleet of cutting-edge harvesting machines deliver immediate results to clear plant-choked channels and tame unruly shorelines while removing unwanted nutrients from the system. Whether the issues are caused by floating species such as Water Lettuce and Water Hyacinth, submersed plants like Hydrilla, bladderwort, and Chara, or tough-rooted emergents like cattails and spikerush, we have the right machines and experienced technicians to tackle your project and get your waterway looking picture perfect.

Large Scale Land Clearing

large scale clearing

Aggressive invasive exotic plants thrive in Florida, and species like Melaleuca, Australian Pine, and Brazilian Pepper can quickly blanket hundreds of acres if left unchecked. Broad swaths of exotic plants outcompete and exclude Florida’s native plants, degrade habitat, and provide little benefit to native wildlife. Lake & Wetland Management has the experience and equipment to combat even the largest invasive plant control projects and restore and heal the land with regular maintenance and the installation of beneficial native Florida plants.

Storm Debris Removal

debris removal

Hurricanes and tropical storms are expected as a part of life in Florida, but the damage and debris left in the wake of such storms can greatly disrupt that lifestyle and threaten safety. With an extensive inventory of specialized equipment and tools, Lake & Wetland Management is your quick-response, post-storm debris management team. For a worry-free storm cleanup, call Lake & Wetland Management and leave the work to our specially-trained technicians to trim and remove hazardous fallen, broken, and leaning trees and branches, collect and remove drifts of fallen leaves and debris, and clear roads and walkways of unsafe vegetation. Once collected, our team will remove, process, and dispose of the debris in an ecologically friendly manner, quickly restoring tidiness, safety, access, and order to your property. Keep Lake & Wetland Management in mind for your next storm or hurricane cleanup. After all, hurricane season is always just around the corner.