Natural Area Management in Florida

Aggressive invasive exotic plants thrive in Florida’s balmy subtropical climate, and species like Melaleuca, Brazilian Pepper and Australian Pine can quickly blanket hundreds of acres if left unchecked. Even many of our humble houseplants, when unleashed into Florida’s natural areas, become unruly, problematic invaders that outcompete native vegetation and greatly reduce a habitat’s biological diversity and value to wildlife.

An industry leader, Lake & Wetland Management has developed management strategies and has the specialized knowhow, equipment and trained workforce to combat even the most invasive exotics, individually or hundreds of acres of them at a time.

Sign protecting a natural wetland managed by Lake & Wetland in Florida

Natural Area Management & Services

Whether a project calls for hundreds of acres of wide scale clearing, or selective control and removal to preserve surrounding native habitat, Lake & Wetland Management is equipped to tackle any natural area project. Our resume includes extensive work in sensitive imperiled federal preserves to protect and enhance habitat for threatened and endangered native plant and animal species, and the creation and maintenance of nature trails.

Natural Area Management service in Florida by Lake & Wetland

Removal & Control

Removal and control is only one facet of a successful natural area management plan. Once cleared of invasive exotics, preserves benefit from the installation of beneficial native trees and shrubs. Always well-stocked with a variety of hardy native trees, shrubs, palms, and grasses, Lake & Wetland Management’s five-acre south Florida nursery is your source for any number of native plants to beautify and enhance your preserves and meet the requirements for governmental mitigation and compliance, and when accompanied by a maintenance plan, all plants carry Lake & Wetland Management’s warranty guarantee.

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Lake & Wetland Management can further enhance your preserve with the addition of signs and fencing to mark boundaries and exclude intruders, protecting your preserve from vandals and liability. We also install structures to improve habitat for native wildlife such as bluebird trails, screech-owl nest boxes, and bat boxes.

For projects large or small, private preserves to immense tracts crowded with invasive exotics, Lake & Wetland Management is equipped to meet all your natural area management needs, including:

  • Preserve Management including exotic control and removal
  • Small and large-scale clearing projects
  • Native habitat enhancement
  • Natural area management for governmental mitigation and compliance
  • Native plantings through our own Florida native nursery
  • Trail creation and maintenance
  • Preserve sign fabrication and installation
  • Fence installation
  • Wildlife structure installation including bluebird trails, screech owl boxes, and bat boxes


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