Our Go-Green Initiative

For the next 60 days Lake & Wetland Management will be offering a Complimentary lake, pond, wetland and waterway inspection in South Florida with a Free water test analysis (pH, D/O, clarity, temperature). In our initiative to help your community Go Green.

Any new recurring business will also get to choose one of our complimentary Green Services including:

Complimentary Go Green Services

  • Biological Mosquito Control
    – Mosquitofish Stocking (1-3 Portions, 800-1000 fish per portion, number dependent on size of waterway)
  • Native Plant Installation
    – Installation of 500 Bare-Root Native Plants (littoral plants, cordgrass, or a combination)
  • Algae Control
    – Blue and Black Dye Treatment:One-time non-toxic food-grade dye treatment.
  • Aquatic Weed Harvesting
    – Mechanical Aquatic Vegetation Removal (1/2 day of service with onsite disposal)

Lake & Wetland will provide you with a full Go Green Analysis for your course or community along with your free water testing report. An original proposal will also be provided.

Dependent upon Lake & Wetland site assessment, recommendations, and availability.

Offer Ends on 11/30/2020

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