Importance of a Littoral Zone

Littoral Zone Definition

Wondering what is a littoral zone? The littoral zone is the area around the shoreline where the aquatic vegetation is and is required for most man-made lakes. This is because it is critical for wildlife habitat, water quality, and erosion control which are all important factors of a lake to have a healthy ecosystem. In most areas, littoral zones are required for lakes that are larger than 1 acre and deeper than 6 feet.

Long-term Significance

Native plants are important in the ecosystem because they bring native animal life as well. In a littoral zone, there is at least 80% of the vegetation being covered by native plants. That means there is no more than 10% of the shelf being covered with exotic plants. This helps the lake as well as the surrounding area for the long-term.

littoral zone planting service by lake and wetland

Less Algae & Aquatic Weeds

Native plants consume nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus. The weeds and algae also consume these nutrients. When most of the nutrients are being absorbed by the native plants, there will be less algae and aquatic weeds in the lakes.

Required by Government

If there is a lake with a littoral zone, it is required for it to be maintained by a government agency because of the large importance they hold.

Benefits of Having a Littoral Zone

Beauty is one of the main reasons to have a littoral zone, especially in a residential or professional area. It is aesthetically pleasing to look at and will raise the property value, which is always a good thing.

Preventing Shoreline Erosion

Prevention of erosion is also another great benefit of having a littoral zone around a lake. The erosion can be prevented by filtering and reducing the nutrients around the wetland. This will create the roots of the shoreline to become stronger and the bank will be durable and less likely for erosion to occur.

Proper Maintenance

Maintenance for a littoral zone is important for the stabilization of the shoreline. With proper maintenance of a littoral shelf, the water quality will continue to improve and stay improved. Wildlife habitat will also be benefitted from maintenance.

If you have a lake that does not have a littoral zone, Lake & Wetland will install and maintain the quality of the shelf to its highest standards. Lake & Wetland knows how to take care of a lake and follow all the standards and permits that are required.

Contacting an Expert

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