Lake & Pond Management: An Essential Service

Lake & Pond Management: An Essential Service
by Adam R. Grayson, Lake & Wetland Management

During these uncertain times, the government has restricted many business operations throughout the world leaving only “essential” operations to function. You may be surprised to know that lake & pond management is an essential business as the neglect of lakes, ponds, canals, and waterways can lead to dire consequences.

Maintaining The Health of Your Waterways

  Lake managers have a challenging (but fun!) job; we monitor and balance all aspects of the waterway including: 

  • Stormwater Retention
  • Recreational Potential 
  • Fish & Wildlife Use 
  • Water Quality & Overall Health 
  • Aesthetic Appeal 

Each of these items are considered, weighed, and acted upon during each service visit as each lake has its own ecosystem that must be evaluated individually. Though several lakes in close proximity may exist in a community and could therefore be assumed to be the same, any good lake manager knows this is certainly not the case. 

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The Importance of Lake & Pond Management

Balancing all these tasks is best done on a monthly basis as small, corrective actions can be made more often versus large, sweeping efforts performed less often can take many months to correct. This is why your lake management service is so critical; give the lake a few months to its own devices and all the work that goes into keeping your waterways balanced goes out the window! 

External factors can wreak havoc on your lake and/or pond if left unattended, including:

  • Excessive Fertilizer & Nutrient Runoff 
  • Unchecked Growth of Invasive Aquatic Plants & Algae
  • Introduction of Grass Clippings & Other Foreign Objects                

lake & wetland management by a professional

There are a list of worst-case scenarios that can manifest in absence of regular lake maintenance. Besides aesthetic appeal we have to ensure your lake or pond is doing what it was designed to do; act as stormwater retention. 

Stormwater Retention

Invasive vegetation such as Hydrilla can quickly overtake a waterway and limit its stormwater capacity and water flow which negates the engineered system your stormwater retention pond is a part of. With the now yearly hurricane and large storm system threats, stormwater management is absolutely critical to the proper and safe operations of your community. 

Controlling Algae & Invasive Aquatic Vegetation           

Besides stormwater retention, lake managers also have to balance the overall health of the system by controlling algae and invasive aquatic vegetation. If left unchecked, algae can create conditions that are favorable to bacteria and mosquito growth, while invasive aquatic vegetation outcompetes native beneficial species which disrupts natural habitats.

Preserving & Maintaining Natural Habitats

Native and migrating birds, fish, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles all can be displaced and have their life cycles altered as nesting and breeding sites become contaminated. Preserving and maintaining habitat for these faunal species is yet another important function of your lake management program.

Aesthetic Appeal for Communities

Aesthetic appeal of a pond is often viewed as the primary reason lake management programs exist, but as we learned in the previous paragraphs it is but one component of a larger service package. Homeowners and community residents see these lakes on a daily basis and their appeal is tied to community enjoyment and property values. Algae can grow literally overnight, and invasive plants can grow an inch per day under ideal conditions therefore necessitating a regular maintenance program. Anyone who has seen a large algal bloom or an invasive exotic plant infested waterway can attest the fact that it takes time to get things back under maintenance condition, and the interim period is anything but serene!

Benefits of Regular Lake & Pond Maintenance

Having a qualified professional lake manager on your waterway every month helps to limit these events from being long-lasting eyesores in your community.

Lake management is essential and its services are critical to maintaining your waterway and its health at its best, year-round. If you have questions or concerns about your lake or pond, contact the licensed professionals at Lake & Wetland Management today at 855-888-5253.

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