Living shorelines’ replacing collapsed canal banks

Living on a canal loses some of its luster when the canal banks collapse into the water, taking part of the yard, and maybe the fence or a dock with it.

That’s what homeowners in Lauderdale Lakes have been facing, after years of erosion and neglect.

But now, work crews are out on the banks creating a fortified “living shoreline” behind 40 homes in the Oriole Estates neighborhood.

The $1.5 million job to strengthen 3,250 feet of shoreline is the city’s largest canal bank restoration effort so far, Brian Fischer of Lake and Wetland Management and general contractor Abbey Fiallo of Metro Equipment Service Inc. said.

The porous shoreline is expected to better protect the waters from lawn runoff, such as fertilizers, that harm water quality.

“It was eroding. I’ve been here 17 years, so since I moved here, I’ve been fighting with the city to get something done,” homeowner Norman Blackwood said Monday outside his home on Northwest 33rd Avenue.