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Community Lake & Pond Management

Well-managed, beautiful lakes and ponds attract residents, contribute greatly to community aesthetics and appeal, and are crucial to proper stormwater management. Lake & Wetland Management has the knowledge, tools, and experience to control algae and invasive aquatic weeds and keep your lakes and waterways looking their best.  A leader in the lake care industry since 1992, Lake & Wetland Management has a diverse team of trained, state-certified technicians to keep your lakes well manicured and functioning properly all year round. Contact us today for a free site survey and estimate.

  • Lake Management
  • Algae control
  • Invasive weed control

Littoral Shelf Maintenance

Lake & Wetland Management has the experience, expertise, and specialized tools to control invasive weeds and manage littoral shelf plantings and wetlands for aesthetic beauty and governmental mitigation and compliance.  Invasive weeds such as Hydrilla, cattails, Water Hyacinth, and Torpedo Grass can quickly dominate and degrade wetlands.  Lake & Wetland Management offers quick, professional wetland cleanup services to remove and dispose of troublesome weeds, then works with property managers and HOAs to develop customized, comprehensive management plans to control invasive weeds and manage the wetlands to meet the needs of the individual project.

In addition to removing invasive exotic plants, Lake & Wetland Management further enhances littoral shelves by installing locally-grown and locally-sourced plants through its five-acre south Florida native nursery. We carry a full range of native wetland plants to keep your littoral shelves today and looking their best.  Installation is fast and professional, and when accompanied by a maintenance plan, all plants carry Lake & Wetland Management’s warranty guarantee.  Take the worry, hassle and guesswork out of managing your littoral plantings and leave it to Lake & Wetland Management, your wetland management professionals.

  • Littoral shelf management
  • Invasive weed & algae control
  • Native plant installation through our own native nursery
  • Littoral shelf management for governmental mitigation and compliance
  • Environmental monitoring & reporting

Shoreline Erosion Control

Shoreline Erosion is a major problem in Florida.  Wind, waves, and exotic fish gnaw away at shorelines waterside while heavy rainfall, runoff, and burrowing iguanas breakdown banks from above.  Eroded shorelines aren’t just unsightly, they can cause serious threats to homeowners’ investments and infrastructure, muddy lake water and contribute to serious algal blooms, and become a dangerous source of resident injuries and liability.  Lake & Wetland Management is the premier Florida installer of SOX Erosion Solutions, a cutting-edge technology that halts erosion the day it’s installed, rebuilds and reclaims lost shorelines, deepens shallow channels, and provides a clean, grassy, finished edge down to the water’s edge.

  • SOX Erosion Solutions
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Midge & Mosquito Larvae Control

In lieu of chemical pesticides that can potentially harm humans, pets and wildlife, Lake & Wetland Management recommends VectoBac, a naturally-occurring, biodegradable bacteria product, registered for use by the EPA and recommended by the World Health Organization for control of mosquito larvae. We also stock native mosquitofish to deliver effective natural midge and mosquito larvae control and install boxes that attract insectivorous bats to combat flying adults. These environmentally-friendly services can help combat and reduce the numbers of midges, mosquitoes, Yellow Flies, horseflies, Stable Flies, and biting midges (“no-see-ums”) and can help reduce the potential of Zika Virus, canine heartworm, and various strains of encephalitis, diseases and parasites that threaten humans, dogs, birds and horses.

  • VectoBac treatments
  • Mosquitofish stocking
  • Bat box installation

Fountains and Aeration  

Whether it’s a fountain to serve as a dynamic focal point to wow residents and guests, or an aerator to oxygenate and circulate water, Lake & Wetland Management carries and services an array of durable, modern systems for all your aerator and fountain needs.  All our fountains and aerators are customized to meet the specific needs of your waterway and budget, and we offer quick, professional maintenance service for our own units that we install as well as other existing fountains and aerators.

  • Regular fountain & aerator maintenance
  • Inspections, cleaning, diagnostics checks & repairs
  • Fountain and aerator sales & installation

Fish Stocking

Strategic fish stocking can bolster fish populations for exciting angling opportunities, create a prey base for improved wildlife watching, reduce invasive exotic plant species, and control nuisance mosquito and midge hatches.  All of Lake & Wetland Management’s fish are aquacultured in closed pond systems then transported in specially-designed, cooled, aerated tank trucks and gently hand-stocked by experienced hatchery staff for the healthiest and least stressful transition from our hatchery to your property.  Whatever your goals, Lake & Wetland Management can develop a custom stocking strategy specifically tailored to your individual needs and those of your waterway.

  • Largemouth Bass & Channel Catfish stocking for exciting gamefish angling
  • Mosquitofish stocking for midge and mosquito larvae control
  • Triploid Grass Carp installation for invasive weed management
  • Channel Catfish, Bluegill & Red-ear Sunfish stocking for a delicious, natural food source

Preserve Management

Florida is a hotbed for exotic species, and aggressive invasive plants can quickly overrun and degrade preserves. Lake & Wetland Management keeps your upland and wetland preserves tidy and free of exotic plants, maintaining habitat quality for native wildlife and delivering worry-free governmental regulatory compliance. We further enhance preserves by installing hardy, attractive, locally-grown and locally-sourced native Florida plants direct from our own Lake & Wetland Management native nursery.

  • Preserve cleanups
  • Upland & wetland preserve management 
  • Native plant installation
  • Environmental monitoring & reporting