Canal & Waterway Management

Well-managed canals and waterways beautify neighborhoods, contribute to community aesthetics and appeal, and are crucial to proper stormwater management. Lake & Wetland Management has the knowledge, tools, and experience to control algae and invasive aquatic weeds and keep your community’s canals and waterways clean, navigable, and looking their best.  A leader in the industry since 1992, Lake & Wetland Management has a diverse team of trained, state-certified technicians to keep your canals and waterways well manicured and functioning properly all year round. Contact us today for a free site survey and estimate.

  • Canal & waterway management
  • Algae control
  • Invasive weed control
municipalities before
municipalities after

Shoreline Erosion Control

Shoreline Erosion is a major and constant problem in Florida.  Wind, waves, runoff, and burrowing fish and iguanas breakdown banks and collapse shorelines.  Eroded shorelines aren’t just unsightly, they can be a serious threat to infrastructure and become a dangerous source of potential injuries and liability.  Lake & Wetland Management is the premier Florida installer of SOX Erosion Solutions, a cutting-edge erosion control technology endorsed by municipalities throughout Florida. A SOX erosion control installation halts erosion the day it’s installed, stabilizes hazardous banks, rebuilds and reclaims lost shorelines, deepens shallow channels, and provides a clean, grassy, finished edge down to the waterline.

  • SOX Erosion Solutions

Preserve Management

Florida is a hotbed for exotic species, and aggressive invasive plants can quickly overrun and degrade preserves. From small community parks to hundreds of acres of  exotic-infested public lands, Lake & Wetland Management has the equipment, staff and experience to keep upland and wetland preserves tidy and free of exotic plants. We further enhance preserves by installing hardy, attractive, locally-grown and locally-sourced native Florida plants direct from our own Lake & Wetland Management native nursery.

  • Preserve cleanups
  • Upland & wetland preserve management 
  • Native plant installation
  • Environmental monitoring & reporting