Recycling Earth with “Living Shorelines”


While there’s no debate regarding the importance of restoring eroded shorelines, there are added benefits to the environment when these initiatives are taken by municipalities, community associations, and golf courses.

As we know, erosion causes many dangers. With the collapse of land along shorelines comes unstable conditions resulting in injuries to workers and those using these areas for recreation. In addition, these conditions can result in increased insurance premiums and the loss of your valuable property.

Just as important is the benefit to the environment and wildlife when shorelines are restored with safe, eco-friendly strategies. The SOX solution is gaining steam as a cost-effective strategy that is certainly good for plant life, wild life, and water quality.

Shoresox® and Dredgesox® are our patented shoreline restoration solutions that meet all Best Management Practices (BMP’s) of “living shoreline” erosion control. It can be quickly installed and is affordable compared to what is on the market today. It is being increasingly used throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and South America.

The process involves filling a large, knitted open-mesh fabric filled with pumped-in shallow pond sediment or blow-in organic media such as wood chips or mulch. It is then folded over and secured to the shoreline with a patented subsurface anchoring system. It is sculpted and shaped to recreate the previous shoreline that has eroded. Once installed, sod, trees and shrubbery can be planted and then rooted through the soft armored mesh, creating a true “living shoreline”.

As part of a professional lake management program, the SOX systems have a variety of environmental benefits. One of the most important is that the burlap liner and rooted vegetation serve as a filter, preventing run-off from fertilizers, and other pollutants such as nitrates and phosphates from entering our waterways. Tests have shown that the water quality standards significantly improve after the SOX installations and contribute to a healthy eco-system.

The other major benefit is using dredged sediment from the waterways to fill the mesh, instead of filling an offsite Geo-tube, waiting for it to dry out, then having it hauled away. This removal results in improved water flow and increased depth that provides a welcoming habitat for wildlife.

We have also noticed that wildlife (manatees, fish, birds, otters, etc.) gradually return to these areas due to the health and low contaminant levels in the water. In addition, the rooted vegetation provides food and nesting areas for animals.

The result is a stable, long-lasting shoreline which adds aesthetic value to the property, improves the natural eco-system, and eliminates risks for workers, golfers, and residents. It is expected to last several decades.

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