Lake Management


border grass and aquatic weeds is required to maintain optimum flow for storm water storage and to improve aesthetic appeal.

Littoral Shelf Maintenance


Littoral zones are the plant life that is surrounding the lake and wetland. They add nutrients and life to the wetland. We maintain these zones, or install them if they are needed.

Dredgesox® Erosion Control


This eco-friendly workboat can get in hard to reach places and easily transition between wet and dry land. We use to supply our Shoresox System with sediments.

Wetland Management


A wetland is a complex ecosystem that is filled with hundreds of organisms that contribute to the life of a wetland. Wetlands will be managed by specialists for the best results.

Aquatic Vegetation Control—Weedoo

Aquatic Vegetation Control—Weedoo

We use the Weedoo Tigercat to cut and harvest unwanted vegetation in lakes, ponds, and wetlands. The Tigercat helps reduce the amount of licensed herbicide used for vegetation control.

Dredging – Sediment Removal

Dredging – Sediment-Removal

We use the ENVIROdredge system to remove unwanted silt, sediment and “muck” from lakes, ponds and other waterways. This Eco-friendly process will not harm the environment or surrounding landscape.

Fountain & Aeration Systems Installation/Maintenance


Lake fountains do more than add beauty, they aerate the water and prevent algae blooms. They also help with oxygen levels & improve the life of the fish and vegetation in the lake.

Erosion Control & Shoreline Restoration


We specialize in shoreline erosion and restoration. Shoreline erosion is common in Florida & is essential to restore the shoreline when needed. Shoresox is the best solution for restoring shorelines.

Native Plant Nursery & Installation


Native plants are important to the ecosystem of a natural area. We have knowledge of these plants and will install them where they are needed to contribute to a more quality ecosystem.

Midge and Mosquito Management


Midges and mosquitoes tend to come in swarms around lakes and surrounding areas. Midge and mosquitoes management can be controlled by going to the main source, the larvae, using larvicides.

Fish Stocking


Fish stocking is done for recreational purposes such as recreational fishing and food. We restock fish using research and examination of fish that will only enhance the quality of the lake.

Debris Removal Service


South Florida is filled with palm trees and thunderstorms. Having debris can harm the environment. Debris should be taken care of, and removal services are available when needed.

Lake Water Quality Testing


Without proper management of wetlands nutrients can become off balance. It is important to have the lake water quality tested to make sure the wetland is healthy for the fish and vegetation.

Fence Installation


The Clean Water Act helps with the regulation and prevention of pollution into lakes and wetlands. To stop pollution a fence needs to be installed to prevent runoff into the wetland.

Sign Installation


Environmental signs are an important ways to communicate to the public. Environmental signs can be anything from stating rules, to endangered species, to reminders.