Fish Stocking

Fish are essential to lakes, ponds, and their ecologies. As such, part of the
lake management services that LAKE AND WETLAND MANAGEMENT, INC. includes stocking waterways with fish. We stock Florida’s lakes and waterways with a wide variety of native sport fish, which include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Florida largemouth bass
  • Bream
  • Channel catfish
  • Mosquitofish
  • Triploid grass carp
  • Multiple other native species

Why Stock Your Waterway With Fish?

Both municipal agencies and private organizations such as Lake & Wetland Management, Inc. have been stocking fish in Florida’s waters for many years. Though this practice originally came about as an effort to add non-native fish for the purposes of food and recreational fishing, contemporary fish stocking revolves around the restoration of native populations (rather than the introduction of new ones).

There are multiple reasons for this. For one, many of Florida’s native fish species have been overfished, and many others are no longer able to breed due to scarcity, pollution or environmental causes.

Thus, sustainability is one pertinent reason to stock waterways with fish. These species stabilize the habitats of lakes and wetlands. Some keep parasites and bacteria in check, while others fertilize the water with nutrient waste. However, a native species that is threatened, endangered or extinct will often introduce new (often non-native) species that will compete for the waters’ sun, oxygen and resources.

In addition to environmental sustainability, fish stocking also has the potential to raise the value and/or appeal of a waterway’s property. Stocking your lake with with native fish can make it appear more fun and interesting to people. It also allows people to fish for sport, thereby attracting them to your waterway and making for an all-around more enjoyable experience for visitors/residents.

How Fish Stocking Works

If you want to stock your waterway, you can start by calling 855-888-LAKE to get a free quote from Lake & Wetland Management, Inc. We will come to your site, assess your needs and develop a plan for what kind of fish you need stocked.

Determining the Size of Your Lake or Pond

In most cases, it will be necessary to calculate the area of your waterway, as this will indicate how many species should be stocked, as well as what specific kind of species will be appropriate. The surface area of a lake or pond is calculated by acres (~43,560 square feet) and is the product of the waterway’s length and width.

If you have a pond that is less than one acre in area, the best fish stocking policy would be to fill it with fish of relatively limited reproductive potential. Small ponds can only accommodate so many fish, and the best preventative measure for overpopulation is limited breeding.

Biodiversity & Current Species

In addition, we will examine which species already inhabit your waterway at the time of stocking. This is essential, for certain species prey on others, and we surely don’t want to stock your water with fish that will quickly become some other fish’s dinner!

Lake & Wetland Management, Inc. is well-versed in the food chains and ecologies of Florida’s many waterways, so have no fear! We will devise a schedule and strategy that will keep your lake well-maintained and full of the right fish! So call us at