Fountain & Aeration Systems Installation/Maintenance

Fountain and aeration systems can add many benefits to lakes and waterways, including aesthetic appeal, increasing oxygen levels and circulating the flow of water. Fountains and aeration systems that are added will be an integrated part of the overall maintenance of the lake or pond. Here at LAKE AND WETLAND MANAGEMENT, INC. we provide the top brands of fountains with precise installation that will leave the owners and residents satisfied.


The Old Method – Mechanical Dredging

Fountain & Aeration Systems InstallationLake fountains are mostly designed with a sump pump that take the water out from the lake and creates a high amount of water pressure to shoot the water at a high distance through long hoses. A sump pump is designed to have the water go far distances and is not made for large amounts of water to move at a time, but rather for distance.

Lake Aeration Systems

Lake aerators can be decorative. Unlike fountains, aerators are meant to travel large amounts of water. Destratification is created by aerators moving as much water as possible in the lake.

Benefits of Fountains and Aerators

Fountain-&-Aeration-Systems-installation/MaintenanceMost lakes have fountains in them because they are multipurpose. They add beauty to any lake or pond and also serve as many functions. Having an aerator in a lake will move the water in the lake and end up effectively aerating the lake. It also refreshes the stagnant water.

If there is a lot of excess nutrients from the inflow of storm water, aerators and fountains will help mitigate the damage that has been caused.

The sound of an aeration is known to be peaceful and adds a nice touch to the beautification of the lake or pond.

Many water quality problems will also be reduced by having a fountain or aerator by a beneficial microbial process that takes place once one is installed.

Algae Control

Algae-ControlNatural lakes go through the seasons of changing. Algae will bloom whether there is an aerator or not. If a lake does not have an aerator, the sediments of the lake will collect at the bottom of the lake and start to chemically alter the composition by decomposing. Without any control, algae blooms will occur more often and disrupt the balance of the water. An aerator will disrupt the overgrowth of algae.

Lake & Wetland Management have a great selection of
aeration systems
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