Littoral Shelf Maintenance

Littoral shelves are areas designated to be planted with native vegetation and required to be maintained by governmental agencies. They are unique in that they are small wetlands and usually located along the lake shoreline near homes. LAKE AND WETLAND MANAGEMENT, INC., specializes in upholding compliance standards while maintaining the areas to be visually pleasing for homeowners. We guarantee agency compliance for the duration of our littoral shelf maintenance contract.


Benefits of Littoral Shelves

Why should your wetlands have littoral shelves installed and maintained in them? There are a number of significant benefits, which include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Nutrient Filtration & Reduction: Filtering and reducing the nutrients that enter your wetland has the double effect of both stabilizing the wetland’s shoreline AND preventing/minimizing erosion. Your shoreline’s plant roots will become stronger, and the banks will become even more durable.
  • Algae & Aquatic Weed Control: By planting native vegetation along your shoreline, you essentially ensure that these plants consume such nutrients as phosphorus and nitrogen. With fewer of these nutrients circulating around the water itself, algae and aquatic weeds will have less to consume and will therefore naturally dissipate.
  • Beauty, Aesthetics & Property Value: Finally, littoral shelves will enrich your wetland’s ecology and give the wetland a fresher, more aesthetic look as a whole. With more beauty comes higher and higher valuations of property located near or beside the wetland!

Why Maintain Your Littoral Shelves?

Because they directly affect such issues as water quality, wildlife habitat, and shoreline stabilization, littoral shelf maintenance is not simply a private affair. It is a government matter. Public policy regarding littoral shelves is liable to change from county to county, but in general it seeks to guarantee water quality and prevent erosion.

If you want to install littoral shelves on your wetland, you must also have them maintained. However, you must not only have them maintained. They must be maintained by an agency that knows the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction — and that agency is Lake and Wetland Management!

We know how many native species must be planted in your littoral shelf. We know the proper maintenance practices, including the approvals and permits your littoral shelf will require. We know which rules pertain to shallow lakes and which rules pertain to deeper ones, which laws apply to man-made waterways and which laws apply to natural ones.

We’re your full-service littoral shelf maintenance and installation company, so give us a call today to get your shoreline looking clean, healthy and attractive!