Aquatic Vegetation Removal

weedooThe TigerCat® is used to safely remove any unwanted overgrown plants, algae, weeds, and debris in lakes, ponds, and wetlands. The boom-cutter has the ability to go as deep as 5 feet and cut and harvest any overgrown or invasive vegetation at the bottom of the lake. This method of vegetation removal is an eco-friendly way that does not cause any disturbances in your lake or pond. The Weedoo workboats help us reduce the amount of herbicides and algaecides commonly used for the treatment of unwanted vegetation.

All of the organic vegetation that is cut is immediately removed from the water and either used to fill our Shoresox Erosion Control system or it is hauled offsite. We have the ability to stop your shoreline erosion issues and clean your ponds at the same time.

Littoral Zone

A healthy littoral zone is typically filled with a vast array of native plants that help control storm-water runoff and reduce chances of shoreline erosion. Once your littoral plants grow out past the shelf line they could become a nuisance and interfere with your lake view. Our TigerCat® work boat can easily cut back the overgrown littoral plants giving your lake or pond a more aesthetic appeal while also keeping your littoral shelf in county code with immediate results.

The eco-friendly designed Weedoo workboats are built to use biodegradable hydraulic fluids and also have the option of solar power panels. With their compact size and easy to launch capabilities, we have no issues with interrupting golf course play or quiet communities. The Weedoo TigerCat® is perfect for lakes that are for recreational purposes. It reduces the amount of licensed herbicides that need to be used, so it will be safe for any aquatic life as well as people swimming in the lake.