Midge and Mosquito Management

Controlling of mosquitoes and midges is essential for lakeside residents. LAKE AND WETLAND MANAGEMENT, INC. provides mosquito and midge larvae control via the use of proven larvicides and the stocking of native mosquitofish. A custom control will be created for a more effective approach of Midge and Mosquito Management.


Midge Control

Aquatic midges are mosquito-like insects that live around eutrophic environments that are nutrient rich. These are also called ‘blind-mosquitoes’ which are insects that do not carry disease, or bite.

In large quantities, they can become a nuisance to lakes and pond, especially in residential properties. The eggs are laid on the service and done in mass. The stages of midges consist of egg, larvae,pupae, and adult.

Midges are difficult to kill because the larvae live at the bottom of lakes and rivers. Having a large amount of midges at a body of water can be mainly due to eutrophication.


Mosquito Management

Mosquitoes are popular in the state of Florida from the high humidity. In order to control the mosquito population, the larvae and pupae have to be searched and managed.

Mosquito management is used through pesticides that are used for ground larviciding. The staff of Lake and Wetland Management will analyze the problem of the mosquitoes and take the correct action to control them.