Native Plant Nursery & Installation

Native plants are preferred and often required in natural area restoration. LAKE AND WETLAND MANAGEMENT, INC., grows and installs a variety of native trees, shrubs, and herbaceous aquatics for installation or delivery. We also own and operate our own native plant nursery to ensure our customers receive the highest quality plant material.


Native Plant Nursery

Florida has different types of native plants depending on the region in Florida.

The weather in Northern Florida is the coldest region in all of the regions in Florida. Common native trees in Northern Florida are cherry, apple, and orange trees.

Central Florida has a different type of weather and is more on the mild side of cold weather. This region has a more wide variety of plants and trees that grow.

Southern Florida rarely receives cold weather because of the subtropical growing zone. The farther down the peninsula the more rare and endangered plant species that live.

There are over 1,000 exotic plants and trees that have inhabited Florida’s natural areas. That is why it is important to have nurseries and installation of native plants to balance out Florida’s ecosystem.


Trees are plants that have wood stems, or a single main trunk. When a tree is 13 feet or taller, the tree has reached maturity and will have a distinct crown.

Native Plant Nursery & Installation
Sand Pine and scrub pine are common trees in southern Florida. They habitat white sandy areas that are well-drained. They grow an average of 25-30 feet but there have been some as tall as 80 feet.


Shrubs are different than trees in that they have multiple stems or (trunks). They also do not exceed 13 feet.

Native Plant Nursery & InstallationButtonwood or Buttonwood Mangrove is a common shrub in central Florida. The have adapted to harsh conditions. It grows under 15 feet near the shoreline of estuaries. The leaves grow to 4 inches long.