Why Shoresox Should Be Used for Shoreline Erosion Control

Shoreline erosion happens naturally with ponds, lakes, coasts, rivers, and wetlands. It happens over time, but sometimes it can be a rapid process. The process of erosion can be harmful to a number of factors such as natural resources, property loss, ecosystems, and water quality. The importance of shoreline erosion will be discussed and why shoresox is the best solution for erosion control.

Importance of a Shoreline

Having a shoreline is valuable to the body of water for many different reasons. During storms, having a shoreline can be beneficial because it helps clean the storm water runoff before it enters the water. The shoreline is used for recreational activities like fishing or docking a boat. There are lots of fish and plants that live in the shoreline. Some factors that can help cause shoreline erosion are

  • Storms
  • Wave action
  • Rain
  • Ice
  • Wind
  • Runoff
  • Loss of vegetation and trees

Shoreline Erosion Control Using Shoresox

It is important to have erosion control so the shoreline can be protected. There are some practices that will actually increase the rate of erosion. There practices are not recommended and will cost even more money to fix. The types of methods are “soft” that are more natural and the “hard” methods are more structural.

Shoresox is the safest method because Eco-friendly resources are used and work effectively. It is also simple to use and can be re-tensioned whenever necessary. There are only four steps that have to be performed to complete the process.

The design is bio-engineered to be Eco-friendly and not harm the environment and comes in any length. Because of this, the buffering and filtering will improve the ecosystem and waterways. The water retention and wicking properties allow new vegetation to grow at a rapid rate. He way the system is set up, the erosion control will encompass the shore bank. That means the shore bank will become part of the earth.


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The source that is used is local and organic which greatly benefits any local farming.
There is no heavy machinery used, so the surrounding environment will not be damaged.
The material that is used is lightweight, so shipping cost is decreased compared to other material from different methods that are used. For the correct restoration of shoreline and land, shoresox should be used. Lake & Wetland specializes in shoresox for shoreline erosion control. For more information you can visit here.