Shoresox® Installation at Bear Lakes C.C.

Lake and Wetland Management, Inc. has recently completed a shoreline restoration project using our Shoresox® Erosion Control System at Bear Lakes Country Club in West Palm Beach. It is extremely important to preserve existing native vegetation on all waterways especially within your littoral shelf zone. Without this maintenance, the shoreline will slowly erode over time and you will eventually start losing land in the process. Here is how we restored the shoreline at Bear Lakes C.C. using the Shoresox® System.

The picture below shows how the eroded shoreline looked before we started the restoration process. The erosion had started to become a real issue when their previous erosion control device had failed and it became a safety hazard when using their maintenance equipment in-between the unstable ground in front of the putting green and the sand trap.bear lakes shoresox

Bear Lakes C.C. had chosen Shoresox® Erosion Control because:

  • It is environmentally safe
  • It does not require heavy machinery.
  • There is no damage to the turf or existing landscapes
  • It immediately halts soil erosion and stabilizes the shoreline
  • It can be used to repair other failing shoreline erosion applications
  • Provides for backfilling of additional growth fill materials and new vegetation

Shoresox® Installation Process

There are four steps to installing Shoresox®.

  1. The empty Shoresox® containment system gets placed on desired location.

shoresox lake and wetland bear lakes

2. The containment system can be filled with locally sourced organic material, or here at Bear Lakes and other country clubs we used number one fill dirt. Using this type of fill gives an instant solid surface upon the completion of the installation

3. The Shoresox® is then rolled back over the organic fill/soil to completely enclose the material and encompass the shore bank.

lake and wetland bear lakes shoresox

4. The Shoresox® is then secured directly to “intact” shore bank NOT to unstable shore bed, using its patented subsurface anchoring system. Native plants and/or sod are then installed into the mesh armoring.

Once the installation of Shoresox® is complete, we then installed the matching golf course Bermuda grass that has since rooted through our system. We have now created a safe, stable shoreline for its landscape team and members.

shoresox at bear lakes lake and wetland

Bear Lake Country Club Testimonial

Lakes and Wetland Management provided us with a great solution to our golf course erosion issues. The unique Shoresox application has been well-received by our membership. Members are asking if we are going to pursue more work in the future!! Lakes and Wetland Management provided effective, efficient, and timely communication that kept us well-informed throughout the entire project. A “before and after” comparison can best be described as “dramatic.”

 Greg Martzolf
General Manager/COO
Bear Lakes Country Club
West Palm Beach, Florida