Restoring Trump International Golf Course Shorelines Through Soil Stabilization

The following article is a mention of SOX Shoreline Solutions’ for Golf Course Shoreline Restoration by managing partner, Ryan G. Leeds, by Storm Water Solutions 

soil stabilization provided by Lake & Wetland Management for Trump golf courses in Florida

 DredgeSOX Project at Trump International Golf Course

“Controlling and restoring eroding shorelines is an ongoing challenge at all golf courses,” said Andrew Kjos, CGCS, director of agronomy at Trump International Golf Course. “It is critical as we continually strive to create safe, picturesque experiences for our members and guests. We have researched many strategies and have found that the SOX system is environmentally preferable and easily installed as a long-term solution for erosion. It can also be contoured around trees and landscaping. The key advantage is that it allows for vegetation to grow through the SOX systems knitted mesh, thereby creating a natural, stable shoreline.”

before shot of Trump international golf course shoreline

Another private country club in South Florida, Seagate Golf and Country Club experienced similar success with a soil stabilization program featuring the SOX systems.

Several years ago, former superintendent at Seagate had the shoreline of a course lake in Florida restored naturally via the SOX Erosion Solutions and used the system recently to repair and restore the functionality of another lake.

“It’s a stable lake shoreline and a thriving natural habitat,” says Nate Watkins, a Class A member of the Golf Course Superintendent Association of America, “I wanted SOX Erosion Solutions to work its magic on this other affected lake.”

A private club in San Antonio, Texas had similar challenges with persistently eroding shorelines. With the SOX system, the club accomplished the following improvements including:

  • Provide strength to protect and stabilize the shoreline;
  • Support new and existing vegetation;
  • Dewater and retain nutrients upland to maintain new vegetation;
  • Contain safe and biodegradable organic material without causing additional contamination to nearby waterways; and
  • Filter unwanted nutrients to protect water quality.

Clubs are preserving the value and beauty of courses by taking some of these steps. This also provides members with a safe and beautiful experience. Waterways are valuable golf course assets that can enhance profitability but require consistent maintenance responsibly and efficiently.

soil stabilization for Trump International Golf Course in Florida

With regular shoreline erosion control and maintenance, these waterways can fulfill their original purpose of minimizing the threat of flooding while, of course, swallowing up golf balls.

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