Shoreline Stabilization in Lee’s Park, Saratoga Springs, NY

The experts at Lake & Wetland Management in Florida have provided shoreline restoration in order to stabilize the shoreline in Lee’s Park, Saratoga Springs, New York.

Stablizing Lee’s Park Shoreline Using SOX IN A BOX

Installation of Sox in a Box York to stabilize the shoreline and stop erosion. The owner of Lee’s Park, Leo, ordered our SOX product to stabilize his shoreline, stop erosion and filter run-off. SOX was installed with his crew using his own equipment and local fill which he already had on-site. This phase of the job took just over 10 hours and the next phase will involve installing another 200 ft of SOX material and then planting sod directly over the SOX. The sod will grow over and root into the Sox product making the shoreline look pristine. The erosion has been successfully stopped with SOX soft armour material which is photodegradable and integrates directly into the shoreline. Job well done Leo!!!

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