Sox Products Come to the Rescue of Deteriorating Seawalls

For years, the “go-to” solution for protecting our shorelines from erosion has been to throw up a seawall – typically, an unsightly wall of cement that hardly fits in with the environment.

However, time has shown that constant exposure to the elements causes the metal components to corrode overtime, areas throughout the seawall to mildew and crack, and one finds that regular cleaning and repair costs now add to the already staggering price of their chosen erosion control method.

Yes, technically one might not need to clean their seawall, but if the cracks are not repaired, then erosion can develop behind the seawall itself – which obviously defeats the purpose for building the wall in the first place. Of course, regular storm events – which research implies are intensifying – only add to such problems.

Last year’s hurricane season alone wrought the failure of miles of seawalls, thereby pocketing now dangerous shorelines with gaping holes and “mini cliffs” where the earth had been literally sucked away. Residents in south Florida complained of dangerous conditions for their families. At many of these locations, our patented SOX Erosion Control system was used to immediately halt the erosion.

Increasingly, agencies, municipalities, and community associations are turning to our SOX systems to mitigate their seawall problems. In fact, some counties and municipalities are no longer even approving zoning for new seawalls due to their general lack of aesthetic appeal, overall inefficiencies, and high expenses.

Our line of products has quickly emerged as a financially and environmentally sustainable, long-term solution for preventing erosion and restoring “living shorelines.”

The military-grade mesh material can either be placed behind an existing seawall for added protection and stability, or it can be used in many cases in place of the seawall entirely. Regarding the latter, the entire cement structure is removed, and the shoreline is reshaped by folding our mesh and filling it with organic material and anchoring both the top and bottom edges to the solid embankment. In either application, the filled SOX may then be planted with one’s desired cover –trees, shrubs, or sod – or topped with gravel, erasing all evidence of erosion. Plants root easily throughout the system, creating millions of anchoring points with the existing embankment because the back side is left open – hence the popular nickname given by our west coast clients, “giant, dirt taco.”

All tacos and jokes aside, within a matter of days, a stable “living shoreline” is established that meets all environmental standards while also looking the way that Mother Nature intended it to.

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