The Significance of Shoreline Erosion

Shoreline Erosion is one of the changes occurring in the environment that is important and needs to be addressed. If the erosion is not controlled, it will cause loss of land and it will not be able to be restored if it is not taken care of in time.

What is Shoreline Erosion?

The land that is surrounding a body of water such as a lake is called the shoreline. Due to the changing of the seasons, the level of the waters will lower or elevate. Other factors that can change the shoreline level are fish species, improperly drained run off, agriculture irrigation, or storms.

When the shoreline elevates the land around it can get damaged and will hurt the ecosystem around it. Parts of the ecosystem are the nutrients, fish, vegetation, water and sunlight. When one of the factors is off balance, the whole system will be jeopardized. Shorelines are have vegetation that is important to the lake and the fish that are in it will be destroyed in the shoreline elevation which causes the fish and water to not get the nutrients they need. If your lake or pond is need of shoreline erosion control, contact the professionals at Lane & wetland.

How Is It Significant?

Everything is affected by the shoreline.

  • Lakes
  • Ponds
  • Waterways
  • Properties
  • Communities
  • Parks
  • Housing Developments
  • Golf Courses

All these things are built around the shoreline. Florida has many different bodies of water, including being surrounded by the ocean. When the shoreline disappears, everything surrounding it disappears also.

Winter in Florida is when the shoreline erosion is at its peak. Approximately 5% of Florida’s shoreline is critically eroding, according to the report “State Coastal Program Effectiveness in Protecting Natural Beaches, Dunes, Bluffs, and Rock Shores”

significance of shoreline erosion

Before and After of Shoreline Erosion using Shoresox

How is it controlled?

Lake &Wetland Management uses the most trusted solution to shoreline erosion, Shoresox. Shoresox is made specifically for eroding shorelines in Florida without any chemical solutions. It works by using this process:

  • We place the patented Shoresox containment fabric in a strategic location along the shoreline of your lake, pond or canal.
  • We fill the containment with organic and biodegradable material such as straw, compost or corn stalks.
  • We roll the containment system to engirdle the entire shoreline and protect it from further erosion.
  • Finally, we use Shoresox’s anchor system to secure the containment barrier and implant it with native vegetation.

Shoresox is an efficient way of restoring the shoreline because it buffers and filters of every waterway that it is installed around. It comes in multiple lengths to fit any body of water.