Video: Dredgesox™ Shoreline Erosion Restoration Introduction

Lake & Wetland Management uses a suite of patented SOX Erosion Solutions™ to control erosion. Dredgesox™ Erosion Control is a method of stabilizing land by using shallow pond sediment to fill the system and re-vegetate the eroded shoreline.

DredgeSOX® Shoreline Erosion Restoration and Control was designed with a double layer of knitted high-density polyethylene mesh that is filled by dredging shallow pond sediment into the containment unit. For the most effective & professional shoreline erosion control in Florida, call (855) 888-5253

Video Transcript:

Brian Fischer, CEO of Lake & Wetland Management:
Lake and wetland management is a full environmental service company where we take care of a lot of the fresh waters for algae and aquatic weed control we do wetland plantings that help provide stabilization along the shorelines in the shelf areas also for habitat for wildlife so we take care of all these areas which help feed the ecosystem the problem with erosion is we’re losing land year after year water levels fluctuate wildlife such as fish and birds will undermine the sodden embankment decreasing the values of our properties and becoming very dangerous and hazardous for people to walk around the shorelines the solution for erosion control is creating a living shoreline today’s municipalities want to see something more natural not artificial something as a solution not a future problem no more riprap rock that slides off the shorelines it back into the waterways our Shore Sox and Red Sox erosion control device has the only patented subsurface anchoring system we do meet all best management practices for erosion control we have the ability to use our and fibia stretch boat to allow us to collect a sediment from the ponds and fill our dredge sock system or create compost and be able to stuff our ashore sock system which is the only open-ended erosion control system on the market we have the ability to create living shorelines the way mother nature intended it to be.