Video: Invasive Aquatic Plant Treatment in Florida

Using licensed aquatic products to treat overly invasive aquatic plants. Our Aquatic Plant Nursery Installation is your #1 source for installing plants that like to get their feet wet. We provide a vast array of littoral wetlands and floating plants, including:

  • Water Lilies
  • Spatterdock
  • Pickerelweed
  • Golden Canna
  • Lance-Leaved Arrowhead
  • Buffer Grasses

We also provide installation of aquatic trees including:

  • Bald Cypress
  • Pond Apple

For the most effective & professional algae and aquatic weed control services in Florida, call (855) 888-5253

Video Transcript:

Lake & Wetland Management:
Lake and Wetland Management in Florida provides effective & professional invasive aquatic plant treatment for lakes, ponds, & wetlands.